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A great flash animation by the ACLU simulating a pizza delivery call in a future where they're "plugged-in" in a Total Surveillance Society.

via Dan Gillmor

I think the "mystery creature" in Maryland (via Boing Boing) is just a lost Nigerian pet Hyena.

The mystery creature or "Hyote"

Nigerian pet hyenas and baboons

Seth Godin's new project, ChangeThis is a project to have interesting people write short "manifestos". Seth's working on creating a new form of literature. It's looks like something between a paper, a blog post and a marketing presentation with a message. It will be interesting to see how this takes off. It looks interesting to me. They have a blog, "Read and Pass".

Halley writes about it over on Worthwhile.

I just got email from an old friend who told me that one of my old friends who I haven't seen for years, Genesis P-Orridge has breasts now. There is a picture of him and his breasts on his site, which turns out to be a blog. Yay!

I first saw Genesis probably about 15 years ago when he came to Japan and performed a penis piercing on stage at at event that was sponsored by Sony, Silicon Graphics and a bunch of other big name companies. It was produced by Professor Mitsuhiro Takemura. Japanese companies sponsored a lot of sub-culture stuff back then...

I first actually talked to Genesis when I interviewed him for a Japanese magazine and he was in Japan for a Psychic TV concert. Later, we became friends. I remember going to stay at his house and thinking, as I slept on his sofa, that the sound of the dozens of the body piercings jangling as he walked around the house naked sounded a skeleton with chains in some movie or something.

Looking at his blog, I'm glad to see that it looks like he's doing well. I also just noticed that he looks a lot like Kiefer Sutherland. (I'm watching 24 right now.)

Anyway, if you see this, "Hi Gen!"

I'm posting this because I've often been asked if I am offended by the word "Jap". The answer is, yes. I am.

'Jap Road' to Get Name Change

BEAUMONT, Texas (Reuters) - A decade-long fight over a quiet country lane called "Jap Road" ended on Monday when local officials voted to change the racially charged name.


"It's our history, it's our heritage. I can remember when it was a dirt road, now it's being portrayed as a racial divide between us and the Japanese-Americans," Earl Callahan, born and raised on Jap Road, told the commissioners.


"People believe in this country that we're a bunch of racists. There's not a soul here that would call anybody a Jap," he said.

First of all, I still hear people using the word "Jap" and can't imagine that "not a soul" in Beaumont would use the word "Jap". I for one am glad there is no longer a street in Beaumont, Texas called "Jap Road" named after a Japanese. I was often called a Jap when I was growing up in Michigan and it was usually accompanied by emotional and sometimes physical abuse. This childhood experience probably created a very negative association in my brain, and I assume that many Japanese-Americans have had a similar experience to me.

Now, even when they are referring to the "Jewish American Princess" I still wince when I hear the word Jap. It's hardwired in my brain. So that's why when I hear:

But road resident Jason Marshburn, 31, disagreed.

"It feels like we're in the middle of a George Orwell novel. It's like me suing Keebler or Nabisco because the word 'cracker' is offensive to us white people," he said.

I think he's missing the point. If the word "cracker" made him wince when he heard it, it would be a parallel, but I can't imagine anyone in the US getting flashbacks to abuse when they hear the word "cracker".

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