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Evidence for Hersh's claims of child sexual abuse at Abu Ghraib?

Following up to this BoingBoing post on allegations by journalist Seymour Hersh of rape and sexual abuse of minors at Abu Ghraib prison Iraq -- there appears to be evidence for those claims in supporting statements that accompany the Taguba Report.

What most of us have seen of the report are excerpts from the 50-page summary. In fact, there are well over 6,000 pages in the report itself, including statements by and interviews with witnesses. Among them, testimony from an Iraqi prisoner that would appear to substantiate Seymour Hersh's claims that boys were sodomized at Abu Ghraib. Maj. Gen. Taguba evidently found these statements credible -- they supported statements from interviews with soldiers and other witnesses.

Xeni has some excerpts in her post on Boing Boing and here is part 1 and part 2 (PDF) of the documents supporting this hosted on the Washington Post site.

wtmcoverNoticed a beta version of a blog for Dan Gillmor's new book We the Media in my Technorati cosmos. ;-)

I am expecting this blog to be required reading in the same way Smart Mobs has become for me. I think this idea of having blogs to keep the ball rolling after publishing a book is a great idea.


Are Blogs Ready for Prime-Time?

June 16, 2004

...A partial profile of blog readers reveals:

* 54% of their news consumption is online
* 21% are bloggers themselves
* 46% describe themselves as opinion makers

...As Henry Copeland, author of the report and CEO of Blogads, summed up: "86% say that blogs are either useful or extremely useful as sources of news or opinion. 80% say they read blogs for news they can't find elsewhere. 78% read because the perspective is better. 66% value the faster news. 61% say that blogs are more honest. Divided on so much else, blog readers appear united in their dissatisfaction with conventional media and their rabid love of blogs."

Interesting statistics derived from a survey of of over 10,000 blog readers. Also asserts that blog readers are older, smarter and spend more money that most people think.

via Smart Mobs

I'm on my way back to Japan. I thought I was going back to Japan yesterday, but AFTER I checked my bags through to Tokyo, I looked at my ticket and realized that I had a one night layover in San Francisco. I should have stayed in Aspen. The weather (the fourth time in the last year) grounded my flight to Denver, but I made it safely to San Francisco.

Anyway, thanks for all the wonderful thoughts from the people at Fortune Brainstorm 2004. It was GREAT. Once again, the small size and diversity of the people totally trumped any other conference I've been to in a year since the last one. See you next year. (hint hint David)

See you again in Japan.

I think fake IM conversations are becoming a new legitimate form of satire. Here is one of the classics.

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