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Teresa Heinz Kerry: "If you leave children behind, it has been for naught." "People want America to be great again." The Republican party is totally different from the days of her late husband. Back then they used to even intermarry with Democrats. Back then they practiced the Socratic method.

Now is tutorial session: The decline in America's reputation - Keith Reinhard w/ Pattie Sellers - What imact does it have on the U.S. and American brands? Reinhard will speak about a major new study.

Here are my notes. They are rough notes and may be a bit inaccurate or unclear.

Most people associate America with American's brands. Interesting to note that Carly Fiorina said that she didn't think that she suffered from America's bad imaged in response to a question by Martin Varsavsky.

"If you must talk, can you at least lower the volume..." - advice by foreigner to American about their voice.

The presentation made it clear that people outside of America have many negative feelings towards America and that most American's didn't care. The question they are addressing is, what can businesses in America do?

Tools to help Americans behave seems to be one of the answers...

Singaporean participant : suggesting that it's not just behavior of individuals, but that financial and business decisions made in America impact people in other countries that also affects opinions about America.

It's not business that's the biggest problem, it's US policy. It's the people who can cause changes in US policy and the only way to get people to change is to get them to understand what people think of the US. Most people don't know.

Chinese participant : doing all this work to get US image back will never get the image back to the original big brother image of the US and maybe the goal should be to just become a global peer.

African participant : is there a way for cultural exchange that is less superficial than movies and brands. Maybe people are more similar than we think. How about exchange programs that allow people to live together.

Japanese participant : Q: To what extent does change of government affect how people hate America. A: Resentment has grown over a long period of time, not just during this administration. "Insensitive, arrogant and materialistic." These issues we can address without just government change. Business could address non-government issues and also influence government.

David Kirkpatrick, the man behind Brainstorm said I could blog this event. Rockin'! I'll post some of the notes from my wiki over here too.

Six Apart just acquired Loic's blog company, Ublog. Loic had been acting as our marketing partner in Europe, but now he's apart of Six Apart. (Mena has a good story about this.)

Andrew Anker who I met when he was running Hot Wired back in the day has also just joined Six Apart. (More about that on at Mena's Corner)

Last but not least, Barak Berkowitz who was once my boss at Infoseek, then later worked for me at Neoteny, is now taking over the role of CEO of Six Apart. (Mena's story about this)

Welcome aboard everyone. I think we're turning a new page in the development of Six Apart. I urge you to read Mena's posts for her view on all of this. I'm a proud VC today.

UPDATE: Cory on Mena's post.

I'm at Brainstorm 2004 which should be fun. It's my favorite conference of each year. I'm going to be taking notes and will encourage anyone else here wants to use the space to put notes on the Brainstorms 2004 page on my new public SocialText wiki. I'll also be hanging out on #brainstorm on Freenode on IRC.