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I'm really sorry. I made a mistake in the date for the meet up in Stockholm. I said the 12th, but I meant the 13th. Can people still meet tomorrow (13) instead of today (12)? Please let me know here or on the wiki. Sorry!!

If you have already planned to go to Stockholm today, I suggest you drop by the official bloggers meet up today...

OMG. I met Guido van Rossum this morning. Guido is the father of python, my favorite only programming language. He was in Helsinki meeting with the Nokia folks working on python Symbian phones. He will be talking to developers later today.

I have a long history with python. The Ultraseek search engine by Steve Kirsch at Infoseek was written in python and many of the people in Digital Garage which I was co-CEO of at the time were developing the Japanese version and working in python. Later, Cyrus et al at Digital Garage use Zope, a python package to build a commerce site. More recently, I learned python using Dive Into Python by Mark Pilgrim as my tutorial and I wrote the first useful script in my life, Technobot. In the process of writing the script, I went for help on #python on Freenode which regenerated my interest in IRC and led to the birth of #joiito. I owe a lot to python and therefore to Guido. So thanks!

I'm at Eva Baudet's office right now helping her get her blog started. (She's writing her first post now.) She's a member of the Finnish Parliament and a member of the Swedish People's Party. She's a fellow GLT and I met her first in Davos. I've been coming to Finland almost every month these days and Eva's been educating me about Finnish and European politics. Finally I get to teach HER something. ;-)

Good luck on your blog Eva, and I hope you can keep it going!

Thanks to Boris for the design.

Japan Today
Chips may be implanted in imported dogs to prevent rabies

TOKYO — Japan plans to implant microchips under the skin of imported dogs in order to prevent rabies from making inroads into the country, government officials said Tuesday.

The plan intended for strict individual recognition of imported dogs was confirmed the same day at a meeting on the nation's quarantine system against rabies of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the officials said. (Kyodo News)

via Louis

I wonder when we'll be start getting records in our chips instead of stamps in our passports...

I'm thinking about getting together with a few bloggers in Stockholm on Sunday. Maybe for lunch, maybe in the afternoon. Please take a look at the wiki page if you are interested.

Sorry about the short notice.

Update: Meeting at noon on the 13th at Kulturhuset. See you there! (If you're coming, please sign up on the wiki page.)