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Dave Sifry, the CEO of Technorati is coming to Tokyo next week. We're having a meeting for users and developers. Dave and I will speak and Dave will give some cool demos etc. If you are a Technorati fan, want to know more about Technorati or just want to hang out with Dave, please sign up and come. We will be charging 2000 per person for simple drinks and snacks. There will be wifi. The details are below:

5/27 Thursday, 18:00-21:00

18:00-19:00 Demo, Talk & Discussion
19:00-21:00 Reception with drinks & light snacks

Place, Tokyo 21c Club, 7th Fl of Marunouchi Building

David L. Sifry, CEO, Technorati
Joichi Ito, head of International and mobility, Technorati

2000 yen fee for participation

Deadline to apply, May 24th Mon, 18:00

Please RSVP to Kenta Ushijima. We have a 50 person limit.

Please promote this on other blogs, particularly Japanese blogs. Thanks in advance and see you there!

As you can see, I have to be in Naples on June 4 and Helsinki on June 10. It's kind of a waste to fly back to Japan and turn around and fly back to Europe again. Is there anything interesting going on, or can we make something interesting happen in Europe between June 4 and June 10? I've started a wiki page to think about what to do between the 4th and the 10th. If you have any ideas, let me know. Thanks!

I will be on a panel at a conference in Helsinki on June 10. It is the Annual Meeting of the International Network of Private Business Organizations - COMPETITIVENESS THROUGH CREATIVITY. I will be representing the Keizai Doyukai (The Japan Association of Corporate Executives) and will be speaking about "Creativity and Innovation - Rare Virtue or New Standard?". I'm not sure who they're inviting to participate, but if you're going, please let me know.

I will be speaking at a Conference in Naples on June 4. The conference is called: Culture Digitali: I WEBLOG E LA NUOVA SFERA PUBBLICA, or Weblogs and New Public Opinion. The Conference has a blog and here is the entry with the program.

The conference registration is not yet open, but I will blog about it when it opens.

Some of us are thinking about getting together for lunch on June 5. If you want to hang out with us, please fill out this form. Look forward to meeting everyone.