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Loaf is a way to share your address book without abandoning your privacy.
Yet another cool idea hatched on IRC by Joshua and Maciej with help from Peter and Dan. It's a distributed email hack that uses Bloom Filters to allow you to check whether mail is from people you know, partial strangers or complete strangers. Lots of obvious applications in spam filters and social networks. Good stuff.

Check out the web page.

Six Apart announced TypeKey. It's a user login system that can among other things, help prevent comment spam. It will work with Movable Type 3.0 and TypePad.


via danah

Not that most of you will care, but we have three dogs now. Our friend moved to a new apartment and couldn't keep her dog, Dino. Dino's a bit stressed from being in quarantine at Narita for a month. We got Pookie from another neighbor. Anyway, Bo, Pookie and Dino are running around the house right now like the cartoon Tasmanian devil.