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Dishonest Dubya. Funny.

via Peggy

Orkut's "my friends" window seems to put the most recently active users on top. In other words, the people in your friends window are probably recently online. I have begun to use this method to find active people on IM, email or IRC.

Speaking of racial stereotypes... Here's a cartoon of bloggers writing about the the impeachment in Korea from a Korean newspaper. On the other hand, at least they're reading the blogs.

via dda on IRC

When I was flying into Austin from Tokyo, I had a connection in SFO. When I arrived, there were a bunch of friends waiting to board the flight to Austin to go to SXSW. They told us there were maintenance problems with the flight and they kept delaying the flight until finally, 3 hours later, they cancelled it. There was a mad rush to the gate agent who booked us onto a Continental flight to Austin through Houston. In Houston, there were two flights to Austin and we were randomly distributed between the later flight and the earlier flight. The earlier flight was fully booked so Craig (of Craig's List) used his negotiating skills to get them to treat our posse as a "unit" and get us on the earlier flight. Yay Craig. No wonder why it's called Craig's List. We had decided not to leave any man behind. We all boarded the flight, but once we were on, we realized that Matt Haughey had made it down the jetway, but wasn't on the flight. Ooops. We failed our oath.

Apparently, the same flight was cancelled the next day too. Ev was on that flight and missed a day of SXSW.

Now, I'm here in Austin, waiting for the reverse flight from Austin to SFO to go back to Tokyo. I turns out, the crew isn't here. In fact, it's exactly time to take off and they just told us that the crew is still at the hotel. They didn't know they were supposed to be on this flight. Ooops.

At least I'm sitting with a bunch of cool friends. I'm also glad that I decided to take the later flight out of SFO. On the other hand, who knows when we're leaving Austin. I know most of you don't care about my travel woes, but I'll keep you updated anyway.

Mesa Airlines is a United Airlines partner. "#1 On Time" Sha... Right.

UPDATE: "We are still looking trying to locate several of the crew members..."

UPDATE: 8:20AM - "We have located the crew. They are on their way to the airport." (The flight was supposed to leave at 7:45AM)

UPDATE: 8:45AM - "We're shooting for a 9AM departure... but the crew's not here yet."

UPDATE 9:30AM - "The flight attendants have arrived."

UPDATE 9:35AM - "We are boarding in 5 minutes."