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Future Now
Black boxes for taxis

According to dottocomu, Japanese taxi firm "Nihon Kotsu has announced it is to introduce "flight recorders" to its fleet--a device that will record video as seen from the driver's seat for 18 seconds spanning before and after an accident."

via Ross

Off to Austin for today SXSW and the Wireless Future conference. I'll be there until the 17th.

Logistics are on the wiki. I will be moderating a panel on wireless gaming on Monday from 15:30 and participating in a panel on Wireless and Grassroots Innovation on Tuesday from 15:30.

If you're in Austin, lets hook up.

Isaac Mao
The biggest ever block on blog in China, one of the biggest blogging service in China, has been ordered to shut down it's service from noon today.

In case you're just waking up and reading blogs before reading the news. There has been a terrible terrorist incident in Spain.

News on

The last count I saw was over 170 192 people dead. Several commuter trains in the early morning to Madrid. Government says it was the ETA.

Victor has compiled a lot of information on the attack.

New York Times on the Finnish character and comment about similarity to Japanese. So why do these are these two cultures full of repressed emotion, alcoholism and suicide also (sort of) lead the world in mobile phones? What's the connection? Hmm...

via Gen Kanai