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Buzz2Talk is a Symbian application that lets you push-to-talk and use SIP to talk over gprs. What this means is that you can use the data channel on your phone to do voice over IP instead of making voice calls. This means that if gprs becomes flat rate (IF) then you will be able to call your friends without using the carrier telephone circuits. This looks like yet another extremely useful application for mobile phones that really throws the whole billing structure of mobile phone operators through a wringer. Does voice become free? Should they charge more for different kinds of traffic on gprs? Won't people build work-arounds?

Symbian is great because it is an open platform and allows software developers to develop obvious things that carriers won't build because of their "optimized" billing structures.

Today I met with Nathan Grey and Michael Mitchell of the American Cancer Society. Nathan is working on building their International network and Michael is in charge of the Futuring and Innovation Center. Randall Moss, who I met at ETech pointed them my way.

My mother had cancer for decades before she passed away and my sister and I struggled much of our lives her cancer in the family and dealing with a variety of issues: financial, social, medical and psychological. I remember using the American Cancer Society web page when I was looking for help online. The idea about using blogs and social networking tools to provide more access, dialog, information and support for people who are suffering from or are helping people who are suffering from cancer is such a great idea. The idea of trying to get more people active in campaigns to push policy issues is also very interesting.

I promised to noodle about some thoughts and get back to them, but if anyone has any good ideas or links to resources or blogs about cancer that might be useful too look at, that would be great.

I already gave them the basic advice, make their site more permalink/blog friendly, ping a pinger sites when they update, try blogging themselves, etc.

I think this is old news on the Net, but the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force has produced an ad that is has begun to show on big screens at major intersections now and will soon be on TV. It's a bit embarrassing as a Japanese, but I guess it makes us look less threatening...

via Wirefarm

See the JMSDF site for the movie.

I have decided to take on an additional role outside of Neoteny working with Technorati's team heading their exploration of opportunities in the mobile and international realms.

I will be splitting my time between Neoteny, Six Apart and Technorati as my primary responsibilities with board positions on SocialText, Creative Commons and a few other companies and non-profits as additional roles.