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Sifry, "Blog this link." Cool Amazon hack. Dave whipped it together at 2am last night after a chat with John Battelle.

The cosmos that shows the people who have just blogged the link is here.

"Do you know about power laws? Well fuck it, I've got the data."

An interesting point David made was that there are a huge number of blogs with 4 links.

Ethan prepared some notes for our session which starts in 2.5 hours.

The conversation so far:

Ethan's critique of "Second Superpower", "Emergent Democracy"

Joi's response, on finding the next Salam Pax

Examples of emergent democracy from Joi and Ethan's readers

Views from the rest of the world

Hossein Derakhshan, Iranian pied piper for blogs

IranFilter - translated overview of 100,000 persian language blogs

Living on the Planet - global blog content aggregator

Narconews - trilingual news on the drug war


BlogAfrica catalog and aggregator

Adam Chambas's Accra Crisis Blog

Rebecca MacKinnon's NKZone - alternative reporting from North Korea

Oh My News, South Korea's brilliant citizen journalism project

Ghana Web, news and opinion

Subang Jaya e-news from Malaysia

Blogalization, content in translation from blogs around the world

Efforts to build cross-cultural dialogue, give a voice to people in developing nations

Open Knowledge Network content from the developing world, for the developing world. And, in Kiswahili

Voices04 Voices for folks without a voice in the 2004 election

SARS Watch. Became a platform for Chinese voices on SARS to communicate, uncensored

Taking IT Global

Kabissa - online discussion for African NGOs

What could we do we do:

Online legislation in Estonia

SARI - leading application became lobbying regional government via wireless internet.

Cellphones, talk radio and election monitoring in Ghana

Smart mobs, SMS in Kenya

What does a cellphone-based anticorruption system look like?

How do we launch OhMyNews in every nation

Rob Kaye is promoting bluetooth this year...

My ETech 2004 photo album (feel free to use any of the photos)

I'll be uploading through the day.

Arrived at ETech. Lots of people and not enough time to blog. The Internet in my room isn't working, but hopefully, they'll fix it today. Today is the Digital Democracy Teach-In. Should be fun. I'll try to post notes.

A few one liners I scribbled in my notebook:

"I wanted to be a revolutionary, but all I got was this stupid blog."

"I'm not an academic, but I play one on my blog."


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