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I was going to write "hitting the road now, see you on the other side," but I realized that I'm going to be flying, not hitting the road, and I'll probably see you a few times along the way. Leaving on a trip is really not an important event anymore except that the likelihood that something bad is going to happen to you increases for a period of time.

Anyway, for those of you who are going to ETech, see you you face to face soon.

Please help Ethan and I find some projects that might be examples we could use when talking about Emergent Democracy. Ethan describes more clearly what we are looking for.

I was playing with Bo all afternoon, thinking about what her blog would look like and was reminded of this funny comparison between cats and dogs. Thanks to Google, it was easy to find.

Roger Clarke, one of my favorite privacy experts, rips apart the Australian Government's attempt to make their face recognition technology trial look good. Face recognition systems have not been found to work well and are very intrusive. Here's another attempt to make them look better than they are.

Japan Today
Friday, February 6, 2004 at 14:00 JST

TOKYO - Tokyo police sent papers to prosecutors Thursday on a businessman over use of the U.S.-made Segway scooter vehicle on a public road, an unusually strict move that marks the first time in Japan that police have taken action over people riding the two-wheeled novelty.

The police allege that the 42-year-old president of an import company in the capital's Setagaya Ward violated the Road Traffic Law by having a person drive a Segway on a public road in July last year for advertising purposes.

Last year I tried to get the government to relax its regulations to allow people to ride Segways, but they wouldn't. I gave up the idea. I actually know this guy and he was insistent that he could build a business importing Segways. I guess not. This is pretty "unusually strict" but the police hate it when you make money doing stuff that they don't approve of.

Thanks for the link Chris