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In case you were wondering why the rover failed...


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Two blanks against the trend! The band has decided to make a statement for its fans and for music consumers in general and is releasing the album including a bonus DVD with 2 blank CD-Rs which have the same label as the CD itself. Alexx Wesselsky (singer and head of the group): "We are of the opinion that the music buyers are criminalized enough and have been made responsible for the wretched state in the music industry. We are giving them the chance to make 2 legal copies for private use with 'official blanks'. It can't always be that the end users have to take the blame for something that international corporations have arranged with their artist-burning methods."

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A great parody of the Pepsi / Apple Superbowl commercial. (Thanks RS!)

You can see the original Pepsi / iTunes ad here. (Thanks Shawn!)

It's also on the Apple site.

I guess, as Boris says, it's not so much a parody as what they really wanted to say, but couldn't. Those kids probably got paid more to do the ad than they paid the RIAA. The RIAA is getting so stupid that it's getting cool to make fun of them. Sounds like the beginning of the end when your business involves being cool.

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Rebecca, from CNN, who is now at Harvard on sabattical, has just launched a new blog about North Korea. It's an cool experiment in blogging/journalism by someone who has a lot of on-the-ground experience covering difficult topics like this.

This is an experiment in interactive, participatory journalism. And in the new age of internet web-blogging, we are ALL journalists.

NKzone is NOT a conventional news or information website. Our members will build NKzone collectively with unique, personal, and (whenever possible) first-hand insights about the world's most mysterious country. Please approach this site not as a "viewer" or "reader", but as a "participant" and "contributor." NKzone is non-partisan. It seeks to generate interest and debate about North Korea. It seeks to include many clashing views. It is not advocating a particular cause, other than the desire that people be better informed about North Korea.

Jim Moore blogs about the lessons that DeanforAmerica has learned and how it continues to evolve. He gives the example of which started as a movement to "move on" from the Clinton impeachment, then broadened its mission to counter the selling of the Iraq war, and now is purchasing ads to get Americans to think. Obviously, Jim and everyone at DFA is still hoping for a Howard Dean victory, but Jim also muses about the idea of DFA continuing to gain momentum and power.

Jim Moore
DFA's role in American politics

DeanforAmerica will have powerful mission in American politics.  DFA will work out new and effective mechanisms for citizen invovlement.
But win or lose in any particular struggle, we have power.   This is the deepest lesson of MoveOn--win or lose in the Clinton impeachment, MoveOn had and has power.