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First of all, I'm glad I'm not an academic. I wouldn't have known what a technological determinist was or how insulted one could be being called such unless danah had explained this to me awhile ago. But... now that I am sensitized, I would have to respond to Lago's claim that we are assuming technological determinism by saying that we clearly are not. Many under-estimate the impact that technical decisions have on society. Lessig's book "Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace" drives this point home. On the other hand, many technologists underestimate the impact that social norms have on technology. I think it's a process and a balance that we are striving to achieve, which is very difficult considering the completely different languages these worlds speak. Laws about technology and marketing of technologies are typically where the rubber meets the road, but this is very narrow and is like trying to have a love affair through litigation or polling. I THINK what we're trying to come up with is a method that allows everyone to participate in the process of developing technologies and norms. Social software and blogs are really an amazing example of a community where technologists and users are working closely together. Is there something we can learn from this process that we can apply more generally and expand?

Ross has a good roundup of posts about this thread.

In order to 1) mess around with TypePad more, 2) allow me to indulge my gadget obsession with complete abandonment and 3) experiment with multiple blogs, I've decided to start a blog about Joi Ito's Stuff. It is "a blog about stuff that I have, why I have it, what I'm doing with it and how I feel about it." I have no idea if this is a good idea or not, but starting blogs on New Year's Day seems like a good idea to me.

We Quit Drinking: A blog by and about people who have chosen to not drink alcohol. A new blog for a new year.

In my highly enlightened state this morning, I mused about the idea of a multi-author blog about resisting addiction. People could share their experience and we could also discuss the meta-issue of creating a network to support people who are trying to quit. I'm pretty set on getting this started today so I'm soliciting ideas before I kick it off. I need a name and a few key things to focus on. I guess that figuring out the URL is pretty important. Any ideas?

I just woke up from sleeping for 18 hours. I know some people who sleep 18 hours+ regularly, but for someone who averages 4-6 hours a day, 18 hours of sober sleep is quite a psychosomatic journey. I had had a full night's sleep the night before, but sitting in the sun cuddling Bo after a big huge brunch with Mizuka's family, their chatter turning into a comfortable drone in the background sent me into a deeeeeep sleep.

I just woke up and my brain is in a interesting state. I've had two espressos but I still can't type properly. I am quite disoriented, but I feel deeply happy and deeply thankful for a bunch of things. A lot of the "issues" I had been pondering now seem trivial and for some reason I seem to be taking a much longer term view on things. It literally feels like I've done a fresh install on my brain and it is now rebooting.

What a wonderful day. If I weren't feeling so merciful today, I would taunt those of you who have hang-overs today. ;-)