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I'd like to put together a photo album on TypePad of last night's Creative Commons party. If you have any photos you wouldn't mind sharing under a CC by-nc-sa license, please send them to me. I will play editor and select photos and add my own captions, but if you have captions, especially names of people in photos, that would be helpful. If you've posted the pictures yourself, please either post links here or trackback.

Thanks for all of those who showed up. It was a great party!

I've been trying to "cut back" on my drinking, but it doesn't work. I got drunk last night and I regret it. So, I've quit drinking. If you're my friend please be supportive and don't offer me alcohol please.

Thank you.

UPDATE: We have set up a group blog called "We Quit Drinking". Please take a look.

I'm in SF for the Creative Commons board meeting and I'll be at the CC party Sunday. Drop by if you can.

PARTY -- You are invited!

Why: One Year Anniversary of the Creative Commons tools and licenses.
When: Sunday, December 14, 6:00 - 9:00 pm.

Where: 111 Minna Gallery, 111 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA. (View Map).

  • An address by Lawrence Lessig
  • The sequel to the first Creative Commons animated hit, "Get Creative"
  • Special guests
  • CC Tunes
  • Appetizers & Drinks
Space is limited, so RSVP, please! --

And if you are one of my "cool SF friends" you WILL be there.

A great QT Movie of the Ginza Apple store opening.

Via Markoff

The J-Wave interview was a blast. We must have said "blog" 50 times in 30 minutes. It was especially fun because everyone there were recent blog addicts. We tried very hard to explain it to people who had never blogged before, but I think a few times we probably got a bit hardcore. Anyway, I think if nothing else, we were able to convey our excitement and people will at least try to learn more about blogs. J-Wave is the 3rd largest radio station in Japan and has a lot of reach so I hope we have some impact. We got a lot of email from people during the show.

Anyway, thanks Sachi and Nonaka-san!

Here's the 32 meg mp3 of the show. (It's in Japanese.)