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I'm trying to order a Treo 600 for my next trip to the US. There is a problem processing my web order. I get an email that has a phone number in the US and says, "PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL AS IT WAS AUTO-GENERATED". I'm still on hold and have been on hold for about over an hour. Soon my phone bill will be more than the cost of the phone.

What's going on when ATT has 1 hr phone queues and doesn't take support question via email. Blah. I'm going to have to get ready to go to a meeting and will lose my place in line.

"Your call IS important to us. We value your business and appreciate your patience."

Well, if you value my business, get more support staff and let me reply to your email! Ugh.

I don't have time for this. I'm hanging up. Bye bye ATT Wireless.

Dan Gillmor blogs about Al Gore's endorsement of Dean and explains why it makes so much sense. Nice one Dan. I hadn't thought about it that way, but it makes total sense.

I've just decided on a new policy for myself...

Everyone knows that you can google bomb or google wash terms by writing your post in a way that emphases certain keywords people will probably search for. I've been writing about Goffman, gender, and lots of other things I really don't know anything about. I'd hate for some of the entries I'm writing to end up with too much google ranking.

I'm going to make a point to have cryptic titles for entries where I'm talking to my regulars and not to Google.

I'm going to be on the Japanese FM radio station J-Wave tonight talking about blogging. I just got a technorati inbound instant message from my technorati script telling me that I just received a link from Sachiko who will be interviewing me tonight. She blogged about meeting me today. She blogs! How cool is that. Look forward to meeting you!

It's from 21:15 on J-Wave if anyone is interested, but if you're reading this, you probably don't need to listen. ;-)

If you go to google and search for "miserable failure" you get bio of George W Bush. This is a bloggers' google bomb.

Newsday article on the topic

Thanks Kev for the clarification