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I had lunch with Willem Dakota Neuefeind Lessig and his parents Larry and Bettina. Willem is still three months old but gets around quite a bit. He was visiting Tokyo this week and invited me to lunch with his parents. Apparently Willem and Larry have a game they play where they take turns mimicking and repeating what the other says. One time Larry cheated and repeated the phrase twice instead of one time according to the rules. Willem was very upset by this and questions Larry's understanding of the rule of law.

I met Jean-François Maïon in Helsinki last week. We were talking about blogs. I think I helped get him over the hump to start a blog. Nice photos.

I feel like a proud dad. Six Apart's Movable Type got 5 stars, TypePad got 4 stars and an Editors' Choice and Socialtext Workspace got an 4 stars and an Editors' Choice in the recent PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Awards.

Good work folks!

Larry is using a white-list spam filter called Mail Blocks. I used to run a server side white-list spam blocker but people got upset so I stopped. Now people are upset because of false positives and just getting buried in my email. I think I'll try this for awhile. Bear with me. You will probably get a challenge/response the first time you send me email again.