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Interview in eWeek with John Patrick on blogging. John Patrick, the former vice president of Internet technology at IBM, is an old friend and an advisory board member of Neoteny. He helped IBM embrace the Internet. He's a great voice in this discussion because he's very familiar with corporate CIO behavior.

Via Gen Kanai

I'm chatting with Loic right now. Loic has a very distinct French accent. I hear his voice in my head. I've always had a problem reading and I think it's because I tend to hear text rather than read it directly. The interesting thing is that when I know the voice of the author, I hear the author's voice. The voice can cause a very emotional reaction. The other day, when I was reading an email, I got so excited I even noticed a taste. It was a kind of email induced synesthesia.

With iChat, maybe because of the real-time nature and the icon/face, the voice seems much more clear.

Am I crazy?

Andy Baio pointed out that maybe my costume party influenced the cover of the bloggers book. Hmm... What a scary thought. At least that would make Kuri-chan the guy with the poo-poo on his head...

Xeni chats with my sister Mimi on NPR and Mimi talks about her bento moblog. The bento moblog reminds me of when my mother used to make bento for me when I was growing up in Birmingham, Michigan. I was HORRIFIED when she would pack onigiri for me because everyone would make fun of my rice ball or call it a bomb. Yikes.

I've recently been communicating with danah quite a bit about her identity related work. She's got a very unique research style which I identify with. I like to immerse myself in what I'm trying to learn and use myself as the test subject. It must be harder to do this as an academic, but danah seems to be able to do it. She immerses herself, but leave enough room to be objective. Good article about her and her work in the New York Times.