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Speaking of cosplay, I wonder if my "costume party" last year was actually cosplay. Hmm....

danah boyd
compelling environmental movie

Say whatever you want about Leonardo. But global warming movie is a really beautiful and compelling little reminder to the masses in a non-aggressive way. WATCH IT.

Yup. Great movie. Watch it.

Someone sent me a copy of "The Memoirs of Joi Ito". It came in from Canada without a return-address. (My assistant opened it.) It's a book based on The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes with all of the references to Sherlock Holmes replaced by "Joi Ito". It's from which lets you create customized books like this. You can also customize the dedication. This books says:

Dedicated to the world's most famous detective, who has yet to be discovered, a legend in his own mind, J.I.
I first thought it might be an advertisement from the company, but with this snarky dedication, I decided it must be someone I know. I asked Boris, the main joker I know in Canada, but it wasn't him. Was it you AG?

Anyway, haha. Very funny. ;-p

The Creative Commons Moving Image Contest deadline is December 31st. Don't miss it!

Speaking of Journalists, Spider Jerusalem from the Transmetropolitan series rocks. Thanks to Warren Ellis for making him and Cory for turning me on to Transmetropolitan.