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Lauren Weinstein has a great mp3 Fact Squad Radio rant on the Versign Site Finder issue.

Mark Pilgrim just posted a tour of Panther, the new Mac OS X release. I'm supposed to be getting in the office today so I'll be spending the weekend doing a fresh install and reading Mark's guide.

Update: Since Panther shipped today for many people, it appears that Mark's site is receiving a self-inflicted denial-of-service attack...

You've all probably read by now, but Amazon has added a feature that allows you to search the full text of over 120,000 books. Totally amazing. Now tell the truth everyone (so I don't look totally vain), how many of you have ego-surfed Amazon already? I searched for "joichi ito" and "joi ito". I got 8 results for "joichi ito" and 1 for "joi ito". The weird thing is that other than Timothy Leary's book and John C. Lilly's book, I have never heard of any of the other books. Also, the few books that I do know I'm mentioned in did now show up. I wonder if they are scanning books that don't sell well first. ;-) I DID find out that I have the honor of being in a "For Dummies" book.

Excerpt from page 170 of Digital Aboriginal
. . . voice to the radicals. Japanese information pioneer and digital artist Joichi Ito tells a great story about the CIA." An operative told . . .
How can I NOT buy this book to find out what they said about me. Ack!

The Financial Times
Google considers online IPO auction

By Richard Waters in San Francisco

Google is considering holding a massive online auction of shares early next year in an initial public offering that investment bankers predict could value the internet search-engine company at more than $15bn.

Holy cow. Does anyone have any more information on this?

I wonder if it's going to be a Dutch Auction IPO?

Welcome back Pete... We missed you.