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The piece says he rubs shoulders with Timothy Leary . Ooops. Did I read that correctly? Leary died in 1996 and if he's rubbing shoulders at all it's with the fishes.
Actually, Tim lives on in cyberspace and I rub shoulders with him there. ;-)

UPDATE: Metroactive article about Tim living on in cyberspace. Thanks for the link Bill!

PS: Special thanks to Chris and everyone at for keeping Tim and his site alive.

Wired just ran an article casting me as "The Tokyo Node". Clay is "The Tech Node" and Linda Stone is "The Valley Node". I'd say that's pretty good company. It says we secretly run the world. It's not true. Really.

A few clarifications... I didn't "head" the "Blueprint for Japan 2020" this year but was just a rather big node in a team and I wouldn't call Creative Commons a "digital archive and copyleft think tank". Also, it was Tony Kobayashi who took me to the Trilateral Commission Annual Meeting to repeat my Davos Japan dinner rant later that year although Idei-san invited me to the Sony Open Forum to rant on.

Anyway... details details... Thanks for the nice write-up Jeff.

UPDATE: I was first mentioned in Wired in an article in Wired 1.03 about MUDs in 1993 by Howard Rheingold.

schwarz4.jpgThe entry on Bopuc's blog about reminded me of my blog entry about my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger commercials in Japan for energy drinks. This is also relevant to the entry about Lost in Translation since Bill Murray's role is probably what Arnold had to go through. Anyway, definitely worth a look if you haven't seen these commercials already. They're great.

My original blog entry about Trevor's fiance Beate's treatment when trying to enter the US is starting to sink into my archives, but the dialog continues. Both Beate and Tervor have commented. Trevor's brother Dan has a blog. Dan Gillmor's blog and the British Expats blog also have extensive comments.

Both in my blog and Dan Gillmor's blog, people have made sort of insensitive comments about the couple before the couple commented. Important lesson: People you think about in third person can read blogs and have a voice. "They" are real people. I think it's great that we're able to have such an open dialog about stuff like this with the people who were actually involved. I know many people at the embassies read blogs. What do you folks think? You should chime in. ;-)

Socialtext announced the released version 1.0 of their workspace package. It's groupware thingie for enterprise. I'm using it for a lot of my workgroups. It's basically a wiki with a blog-like feature that sort of looks nice and has login, which makes it not really a wiki, but not a blog... I guess it's a workplace. Anyway, as you know, I love this kind of alchemy.

They also announced Kwikspace based on Kwiki as an open source project.

Disclosure: I'm an investor in Socialtext