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Everyone has been very supportive in helping me deal with the comment spam issue. Thanks everyone.

We've installed MT-Blacklist plug in for now. I'm generally against blacklist type filters, but it looks like the best solution for now. I will wait for MT Pro to deal with it in a more elegant way.

I thought my troubles were over when I got two comments just now with "interesting..." and "page-rank?" on my last two post. The links were to a casino site. These comments were probably not machine scripted like the other comment spam, but they added no value to the comments and the casino site URL made me feel that they had posted the comments for the purpose of trying to steal page rank on Google. I have a feeling some bloggers also post comments on my blog just to get links to their sites.

My current policy on this issue is, if you post something on my blog that clearly adds no value to the conversation and if your URL is a gambling site, a porn site, a pharmaceutical site or some other obviously spam friendly commerce site, I will delete the post and add you to the blacklist. I will discourage bloggers to post opinion-less or off-topic posts just to get links. I continue to encourage people to post their opinions whether they are supportive or critical and of course I will not delete critical comments.

My policy may change, but this is it for now.

A few days ago, I asked Nanjo-san if he could give a few of us a special tour of the new Mori Art Museum before it opens this Friday. Lisa has some notes and photos on her new blog. This Art Museum will be largest in Japan. It's quite amazing what they've done and what they plan to do. Look forward to visiting often.

I wrote about page slapping in August in the context of IRC. Grant just chumped that Wired Jargon Watch just listed it in the context of email. I wonder who coined the word.

Last night was my first night in our new home in the countryside. We have well water and no city water. We have a septic tank and no sewage. We have a propane tank for energy (hope to replace soon with solar). I do have ADSL and wifi though. ;-)

This morning I woke up to the sound of song birds and insects. In fact, the sound of insects is non-stop. There are lots and lots of bugs. There are huge spiders and things jumping and crawling all over our lawn. This morning Mizuka pointed out a preying mantis. She said there were two of them hanging around until yesterday. I found the remains of papa Mantis on the floor. It's probably time for Mrs. Mantis to lay her eggs. Next year we will have a zillion baby Mantis's around.

I used to love insects (at least most insects), but I had grown used to not seeing too many of them in Tokyo. I'm going to have to get used to this total insect immersion. On the other hand, it is so quiet here, I slept better last night than I have in months.

We just had another earthquake. I'm glad I'm in my new house in Chiba surrounded by big trees and a bamboo forest. Researchers in Japan says that Tokyo is overdue for THE BIG ONE soon. Kevin Marks says it's all powerlaws and they're not periodic. You can keep your powerlaws. I'm glad I moved out of Tokyo. I'll wait until it's flattened again before I move back.