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Ryuichi Sakamoto sent me an email asking me to make people aware of a movement to get Aya's Shoyo-Jurin, an Evergreen Oak forest in Japan selected as a World Heritage site and help protect this very important forest. Check out the web page if you're interested in forests. It's an amazing place that I hope to visit soon.

Turned Away at Border

The love story of Trevor Hughes and his fiancee began in an elementary school in the Himalayan foothills.

They were "global nomads." He was a diplomat's son. She the daughter of missionaries. They lived in Asia, attended school together, fell in love and want to get married in June.

But when Hughes' fiancee, a German national, tried to visit him on a six-month tourist visa Monday, she was detained in Atlanta, handcuffed, jailed--even stripped of her diamond engagement ring.

Then, after 20 hours without food, she was put on a plane and shipped back to Stuttgart.

Horrible story. I was also harassed at the border this time, much worse than I've ever been. I have a zillion stamps in my passport and it's obvious that I travel frequently to the US, but the questions were quite relentless. The Homeland Security officer was really tough on everyone and when it was turn for the Japanese woman in front of me to go up, she was so frightened, she was shaking and couldn't even speak. He kept asking her name and she opened her mouth and nothing came out. I haven't seen anyone so scared.

Anyway, for anyone traveling to the US... It's TOTALLY different now. I may have just hit a particularly tough guy, but the mood is totally different now. The questions are totally different now. Be prepared to explain everything about your trip, your history, your nationality and your job in great detail. My guy this trip didn't know what a venture capitalist was so I had to explain that too...

I think I'm going to start cutting back my travel to the US. I definitely don't want to end up in some jail with no food for 20 hours... The US might as well put up a sign saying, "your trip may be randomly terminated for security purposes..."

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Spent the weekend in Kyoto "offline" with Loic and a few other friends. I decided to focus on the logistics and not spend time trying to blog. Loic's got some stuff on his site about the trip. I've got a bunch of stuff that I need to blog from my trip in DC, etc. Hope to get it all up here in the next day or so.

I'm on my way to Kyoto.

See ya later USA... and thanks for all the fish.

Ross Mayfield rants about the problems of direct democracy and the difference between emergent democracy and direct democracy. This was one of the points that I had difficulty making during the Harvard Law School class. Rojisan and I talked about it last night too. Emergent democracy IS NOT the same as using technology to scale direct democracy. Emergent democracy is about leadership through giving up control, activating the people to engage through deliberation and action, and allowing emergent order to grow from the grass roots. It's the difference between a couch potato clicking the vote button and a group of people starting their own Dean coalition group.

That's the difference between the Dean Campaign and what just happened in California. They may both be symptoms of people unhappy with the current regime, but they are very different types of democracy.