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To make my point here, I have first admit that I often go to the Technorati top 100 page to see where my blog is ranked. I admit that it goes against my negative feelings about the power law, etc. and is a bit self-absorbed.

Anyway, when Technorati added Live Journal and surged in indexed blogs, my ranking dropped enormously and I was barely still on the list. Lately, I've slowly crawled back up. Recently I've been neck to neck with a blog called ":: i don't give a shit what you think :: ". It felt weird seeing, "I don't give a shit what you think Joi Ito's Web." ;-) I just noticed that I finally passed it. The funny thing about this list is that I seem to have (in my mind) a relationship to blogs close to me in ranking. I tend to read them to see who they are. I see some blogs slip down the list, and some others shoot up. I try to find what causes their rise and fall by looking at their Technorati cosmos.

Am I weird?

I was messing around surfing Google, trying to test something Dave Sifry told me about. The theory was that you actually couldn't get to all of the thousands of results Google says it has when you search for something. I searched for stuff and simply paged forward and found that in fact you did reach an end of search results rather quickly. The number varied so I tried it with "repeat search with omitted results." I found that you can get to exactly result number 999 and no results show after that. I felt like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show...

UPDATE: According to Adam Hill on IRC, it was on the Google Weblog too, but I can't seem to find the entry.

I will be speaking about emergent democracy at the Digital Democracy class at the Harvard Law School Tuesday. Thanks to Ethan and Andrew for setting this up. Looks like a lot of fun.

UPDATE: We'll have IRC on the screen so drop by #joiito if you want to participate. We'll also try to set up a video feed from Boris's Mac. It's at the Berkman Center (Baker House) from 5pm-7pm.

Here is a wiki page we can use.

During my session at Bloggercon, I got Stealth Disco'ed by Halley Suitt.


Who took the video?

I will be facilitating a session today on community at Bloggercon at 1:30pm. I'll be on IRC so drop by if you're free. Some talking notes here.

UPDATE: Thanks for everyone that dropped in. It was a lot of fun. Special thanks to Kevin Marks for the tech and other support. Picture on Bloggercon page.