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Rushkoff on "Open Source Democracy"

Douglas Rushkoff, in cooperation with UK think-tank Demos, is publishing a short book next week called "Open Source Democracy". He's giving away a PDF version of the book for free, though, with permission to republish it in whatever format you like, so go nuts. Those of you in the UK can also attend a lecture Rushkoff will be giving in London on the subject.

Looks cool. Creative Commons license and everything. I'm going to read this on the plane back to Japan...

After ICANN's formal letter asking Verisign to shut down Site Finder, VeriSign has temporarily shut the service down. They don't sound very happy about shutting down a "service has been well received by millions of Internet users". Good job on this one ICANN.

Via Lauren Weinstein's Blog

Russell Beattie, Jason Kottke, Cory and Aaron blog about the new Terms of Service for Google AdSense. AdSense is a way to allow you to sell advertising space on your own site to advertisers using Google AdWords. It's a cool service for blogs with lots of traffic to allow people to earn a little money.

The new Terms of Service allow Google to easily cancel your account and several people have complained that they have been shutdown unfairly. More importantly, the new terms do not allow you to talk about AdSense in public or to contact any of the advertisers directly. This seems to go against Sergey Brin's Google rule #1: "Don't be Evil."

I think I remember Google saying at the beginning that they wouldn't do advertising... I guess I remember when Infoseek used to charge the user to search. ;-) Things change... But I hope Google realizes that stifling free speech about part of its service is evil and also stupid.

I just saw Lost in Translation. It was strange watching it in Boston just hours after leaving Tokyo. It was like looking at my moblog... I knew the sushi chef from Ichikan in Daikanyama and the guy who played the producer of the photo shoot, Maki-san. I knew almost every location they shot. Everything was so familiar. It was strange thinking that it must seems so weird to people who haven't been there. It was like being back in Tokyo, but in Boston...

I loved the story and Bill Murray was great.

It captured Tokyo very well. I thought it was really difficult to get permits to shoot movies in Tokyo. I wonder how they pulled it off.

UPDATE: Good post by Jane and a discussion about Lost in Translation on Chanpon. You should read the discussion. Many good points raised. After reading the comments I realize I'm just a sucker for Hollywood movies. ;-)

Off to Boston for Bloggercon. I'll be there until Wed. My sidekick will be AIM enabled. Ping me at joichiito on AIM if you want to hook up. I'll be p-timing.