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Sifry has just added a new API call to Technorati called getinfo. It lets you get information that a blogger has made available about themselves on their blog like a link to their FOAF file, LOAF file or their GeoURL. The great thing about this is if you've claimed your blog, this is a verifiable way to link your Technorati ID with your blog. LOTS of amazing things this could enable... (There will be a quiz at the end.)

So... who's going to program jibot to retrieve people's Technorati info?

Here is how to get my getinfo

I just did my first stealth disco. Uploaded the 116K QT file. I'm SD'ing Jim aka mmdc and the video was taken by Adriaan aka ado.

I wish I had a G5 Mac... These guys have 1100...

Thanks Buridan!

Andrew Fried
I have been following the various threads relating to Verisign and wanted to make one comment that I feel has been missing. Simply put, I would like to publicly express my appreciation to Mr. Vixie for taking the time to add the "root-delegation-only" patch for Bind. I'm fairly new to NANOG, but I'm sure that others beside myself also feel a thank you is appropriate.
Andrew Fried, Senior Special Agent for the US Treasury Department posted this on the NANOG list regarding Verisign and the SiteFinder thing. Very cool that someone "patched" Bind to fix the "bug". Also very cool that someone like Andrew is speaking in his own voice in a public forum about this issue.

Via Boing Boing Via This demands work

Right on Gen. Rock on Funabashi-san. I met Yoichi Funabashi back in May 2000. He was getting started on the "make English Japan's second language" thing, which I was obviously extremely supportive of. ;-)

Yoichi Funabashi's a smart, balanced guy we should listen to who can speak/write in English. We should get this man a blog...