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Ahoy! Happy Talk LIke A Pirate Day!

Britt Blaser
I'm writing from Dean campaign headquarters in Burlington, VT with an urgent appeal.

The Howard Dean campaign is growing like a startup that's suddenly got hot. This IS a tech startup, and it needs 2 real pros yesterday.

I've attached descriptions from Harish Rao, IT Director.

If you know anyone qualified, or anyone who might find them, PLEASE contact Harish immediately. This campaign is at an inflection point. They may not pay much now, but there's a good chance it will turn into a VERY interesting 8 year gig.

They need a system administrator and a database administrator.

If you know someone qualified, contact Harish

I have 2 more meetings and I'm on my way back to Tokyo. It's been a hectic trip but a fun trip, but I'm glad to be headed home. In the last 2 weeks I've been to Geneva, Menorca, Barcelona, Boston, Wood Holes, New York, Detroit and San Francisco. I feel like a blog salesman. I remember walking through LaGuardia airport and not being able to remember what city I was in. It reminded me of some scene in some movie, but I can't remember the movie.

Thanks to everyone who helped make my trip a great one and apologizes to people I missed on this trip. See you all the next time around.

Mark Pilgrim (aka f8dy on #joiito) blogs that Dive Into Python is going to be published as a book. James Cox (aka imajes on #joiito) will be the editor. This is great news. Dive Into Python is how I learned Python. I've read several other tutorials, but Dive Into Python is the best I've seen. It's also interesting to note that f8dy and imajes met on #joiito. I was when I was reading Dive Into Python that I went to the #python on Freenode for help. This inspired me to start #joiito. Kind of circular karma. ;-)

David Isenberg, the author of the famous paper, The Rise of the Stupid Network has started a blog. This is excellent news.