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So many people have already blogged this so I don't know who to attribute, but if you missed it, check out Stealth Disco. Stealth disco is when you take video tape yourself or someone rocking and grooving near someone who can't see you doing it. It started as a prank between employees at an ad agency in Chicago called Cramer-Krasselt.
A post by Antipixel on how to take a bath in Japan. A must read for anyone visiting Japan who wishes to enjoy one of the few great Japanese assets, our hot springs.
Verisign modifies the infrastructure of the net to point back to themselves. Verisign has rigged all .com and .net mistyped domains to reroute to their branded search page. This makes them effectively the biggest cybersquatter on the net, and will make it impossible for most spam filters at the network level to operate as well as seriously complicating the lives of network administrators everywhere. posted by dejah420 at 8:07 PM PST
I wonder if someone at Verisign thought this was a clever hack. It's stupid stuff like this that makes it very clear to everyone that Verisign is in a position to abuse their power.

Although the Republican National Committee denies it, The Business Standard in India reports that the Republicans are outsourcing campaign fund-raising to India. The new law in the US allows people to opt out of telemarketing from everyone except political parties and non-profits. If the RNC is outsourcing to India, I guess it leaves only the Democrats and non-profits for people who make a living in telemarketing. Bummer.

Jobs are created when the economy grows; the economy grows when Americans have more money to spend and invest; and the best and fairest way to make sure Americans have that money is not to tax it away in the first place.
I didn't realize that Bush was talking about jobs in India. (I personally don't have anything against creating jobs in India...)

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