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Tom Coates has a friend (Simon Waldman) who found an old copy of Home and Gardens with an interview with Hitler. Very cool. I wonder if someone will mirror it before it gets taken down. ;-)

Brianna - 12
I am sorry for what I have done. I love music and don't want to hurt the artists I love.
So says a 12 year old girl after she is sued by the RIAA for sharing music on the Internet.
Nice job RIAA.

I was sitting next to Cory yesterday. Today I'm sitting next to David Weinberger. When I sit next to someone, I sit around and read their blog, inevitably leading to finding something interesting on the blog that I need to blog about. Obvious, but interesting on this warm, balmy day.

I hereby name AKMA the executor of my site. When I die, my heirs will pay all reasonable expenses (up to $30/year) to keep my site publicly available as well as a small stipend to AKMA to prune the hedges and scrub the grafitti off every now and then.
I hereby declare the same.

AKMA, maybe you should start a business...