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Had an interesting breakfast discussion with David Weinberger and a few others about copyright. I seem to be having more and more heated debates about copyright these days and the more I become familiar with the arguments of old-school copyright guys, the more frustrated I become. As Lessig often says, we're not saying that there shouldn't be copyright or that artists should not be paid. The issue is that the current copyright framework and more importantly, the corporations who are currently entrusted with the task of managing these copyrights are dysfunctional. We need to fundamentally restructure the business of creating and being paid for creating artistic works and it's likely that this business doesn't involve record companies.

The Internet has the potential to greatly enhance and enrich our culture, but old-school copyright people are trying to make their controls even stronger than the real world. The important point is to talk about the commons and the public, not about protecting the "rights" of the custodians of the "files". At one level, we're all conduits passing inspiration and knowledge from the past to the future by re-mixing, rendering and editing things that inspire us in ways that will inspire others. Talking about copyright is talking about the files. We should be talking about how to increase the commons and enrich culture. THAT's not about the files, it's about the the commons.

Inspired by David's blog entry.


State Department warns of "increased indications" that al Qaeda is preparing attacks on U.S. interests to coincide with 9/11 anniversary. Details soon.

Ahh... OK. What do I? Run away?

Thanks for the link Gabe

UPDATE: More details on State Department warning on CNN.

Report: Dean Asks Wesley Clark to Join Campaign

Thu September 11, 2003 01:47 AM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean has asked former NATO commander Wesley Clark to join his campaign if Clark does not run himself and the two have discussed the vice presidency, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

This is good news. I'd love to see this duo in the Whitehouse.

I saw Wesley Clark at Brainstorm and at FiRE and was really impressed by him. I wonder if he's going to accept the offer...

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Christopher Lydon and I had a discussion this morning. He's posted the audio file on his blog. Chris and I totally "clicked".

Chris is originally a radio talk show host on public radio who moved to the Internet. I'm honored to be on his interviewee roll. He's a great example of audio blogging and is pushing the envelop. It's great seeing more and more professionals like Chris embracing the medium.

I'd originally heard about Chris from Dave, and he's as cool as advertised. Check out his site. He's putting a voice behind a lot of the bloggers which adds another dimension to our identities online.

UPDATE: I asked Chris to talk the radio show he used to have on NPR

Christopher Lydon
Mary McGrath and I made a little radio miracle. We called it The Connection and public stations in 75 American cities picked it up. It was two hours every day of ridiculously energetic call-in conversation about everything--starting with politics, books, poetry, music, philosophy, fantasy, humor. We had a short-story writing context, and a haiku contest. Toni Morrison, Yo-Yo Ma, Norman Mailer, Salman Rushdie, Yevtushenko, Seamus Heaney, Seiji Ozawa, Bill Clinton imitators, E. O. Wilson--you name them; the most interesting people in American life made our show their gymasium, and loved it. Somebody said: you treat your guests like callers and your callers like guests. When NPR came around to syndicate the show two years ago, we told the producing station we wanted a stake. The station signed the NPR deal without mention of us, then threw us out of the building. It was ugly, a custody fight, really, over a child we'd raised to glory together. They cut the baby in half. Mary and I will make another miracle yet.