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The Hungarian immigrant known as the "father of the H-bomb" died at his home on the Stanford University campus in California Tuesday. Link

I remember interviewing Edward Teller for a high school paper that I was writing about the A-Bomb. I remember my teacher not believing that I had actually interviewed him. We knew him because he was a good friend of the company that my parents and later I worked for, ECD. He had written a book about atomic power which was ready to go to print. He heard about the solar technology we were working on at ECD. He had discounted solar energy in the book, but he came to visit ECD to make sure he was right. After we convinced him that we were further ahead in solar technology than he thought, he stopped the press and changed his comments in his book. His integrity with respect to scientific facts was very impressive, even if I didn't agree with his politics.

I also had the opportunity to talk to him several times over the years and found him to be a very curious, neotenous, genius who had made a choice to build the H-Bomb based on his fear of the Russians based on his experience. I will miss him.

Sun Microsystems chief scientist Bill Joy said yesterday he is leaving the company. Link
Holy Shit!

I had just talked to Bill about his job when I saw him in Aspen...

note to self: call Bill and ask him what he's doing next

After drinks with Tom and Halley, I crashed the Bloggercon meeting that Halley was going to at the Berkman Center. Dave and his team were putting the final touches onto the program which looked pretty cool. I agreed to participate in a session about managing a community on Day 2 which is free. I don't see it on the page yet, so maybe it's not decided.

I had imagined the Berkman Center as a big huge building, but it was actually a small nifty house. Dave Winer, Jim Moore and Christopher Lydon were there with a bunch of other cool people. It was nice seeing Dave and Jim again and It was cool meeting Chris for the first time. I'd heard about Chris from Dave and we decided to do an interview the next day.

Andrew McLaughlin a fellow GLT was also there who had just been talking to Ethan, who I had just met in Geneva and had just blogged about. Small world... Anyway. You had to be there....

Just posted some pictures from my trip to Menorca. It was a "retreat" after the GLT summit for the lucky few of us who decided to accept Martin's gracious offer to join him at his farm on Menorca. Thanks again for your hospitality Martin and thanks to everyone else for the stimulating conversation.