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Internet News
Report: ISPs Block 17 Percent of Legit E-mail By Brian Morrissey

Top Internet service providers blocked 17 percent of legitimate permission-based e-mail in the first half of the year, according to a report issued by Return Path.

via Scott Mace

I pronounce email officially broken. If 17 percent of legit email is being blocked by spam filters, it's not officially working. No wonder I'm using blogs, IRC and IM for my primary modes of connecting with important people these days.

I don't care what excuses people give. The people who made smtp should have thought more about host authentication and the people who made IPv4 should have made longer IP addresses. My guess is that there were people who were voicing concerns who had more vision.

I have a feeling we are going to be kicking ourselves in the same way when we realize we "forgot" to put privacy into ID systems.

In other "search news"...

Heard a rumor that Google Japan has moved into new digs in the posh Cerulian Tower with a Segway, massage chair, pool table, a lava lamp and everything. Congrats to all of the Infoseek Japan alum working at Google Japan. You've reached, "search nirvana". I'm a bit envious. ;-)

Mitch Kapor and Tim O'Reilly are among advisory board members of Nutch, a new open source search engine project which will try to:

  • fetch several billion pages per month
  • maintain an index of these pages
  • search that index up to 1000 times per second
  • provide very high quality search results
  • operate at minimal cost
Sounds good to me!

John Battelle at Business 2.0 says, "Watch Out, Google".

via Dave Winer at Scripting News.

Aaron Swartz@Google Weblog
Google now has a built in calculator that can tell you everything from 2+2 to speed of light in furlongs per fortnight to 2048 in binary.
Very cool!

Thanks for the link Alberto!

Adriaan aka ado of Kung-Log fame and Jim aka mmdc of "fawning parody" fame have joined the Neoteny team.

And, no, writing a parody of me will not guarantee you a job at Neoteny.