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Type Preview Release Launch

TypePad registration will open on Monday, August 4 at 11:59 pm (Pacific) as a Preview Release. Features will continue to be added and the system will still be considered to be under development, but the service will be open for any user to sign up.

TypePad Feature Chart

Glad to see Six Apart finally moved into an office and moved out of their apartment. In Japan, they call apartments apart. When we announced our investment in Six Apart to our investors, two of them asked if we were getting into real estate investments.

Also, Anil says I'm "consorting with the enemy"... Well, Anil, what's up with that T-Shirt?

Jeff Jarvis ratted on your T-Shirt. ;-)

Introvertster beta is up!
Via Xeni on boing boing

According to Mark, this place is an opinionated individual weblog which is blogging oriented and liberal, but not as blogging oriented or liberal as Joho the Blog. ;-)

Thanks for the link Rebecca!

I'm in SF for a brief visit. Posting pictures on TypePad photo album.