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I met N. Scott Momaday, a Kiowa Indian who is a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist and a scholar at Brainstorm last year. He left a great impression on me with his great stories. This year during the session on the Commons, we were all talking about the economics of who manages the commons. He said that language was a commons and that stories that have been passed down through generations lived in these commons. I had never thought of language itself as a commons, but it's a great example.

He also said that from a Native American perspective, land was a commons and language was a commons. Land was where we come from and return to. Language was where we lived. (He said it much more poetically than I can, but I can't remember exactly what he said.)

I met Seth in Aspen. He's a "keeper". It turns out that he's a good friend of Halley's. I could have guessed.

During the marketing discussion in Aspen, Seth was one of the few people who I thought really "got it".

He has a thread on his blog about the purple polar bear that "increased visitor numbers to the zoo by 50%."

Some people argued that it was a hoax, then Seth dug in and is now convinced that it is true. He says he doesn't want anymore email about it. ;-)

Where's Halley's blog?!?

A very obvious thing that I keep forgetting. Blogging standards are not nearly as important as AIDS, global warming, peace in the Middle East and poverty. Having said that understanding blogging does have a lot to do with my perspective on the commons, democracy and the future of media. Debates on the web about details and going to conferences with lots of bloggers can lead to a narrowing of perspective. Conferences like Brainstorm where 9 out of 10 people ask me, "what's blogging?" is essential for me to keep my perspective. ;-)

I just uploaded more photos to the TypePad photo album. The great thing about digital cameras and blogs being one of the things I love to talk about is that I can take pictures as part of my conversation. ;-)

Today we went around the room and everyone got up and said their name, title and affiliation. I was Joi Ito, CEO, Neoteny, Japan. The coolest was, "I am Noor Al Hussein, Queen." ;-)