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Japan Times
Behead parents of boy suspect, minister says

Yoshitada Konoike, state minister in charge of deregulation zones and disaster management, said Friday the parents of the 12-year-old youth suspected of slaying a 4-year-old boy in Nagasaki should be dragged through the streets and beheaded.

"It is better to have the parents decapitated for punishment after dragging them around town," said Konoike...

Konoike's remarks drew a barrage of criticism, but he refused to apologize.

"You better not do that, or we'll drag your parents around town and chop of their heads..." Sheesh.

I got Cory to say "Boing Boing" into my Olympus voice recorder. Here's the mp3. Maybe I should start a collection of people saying their blog or product names... Maybe not...

Also got Cory saying, venti mocha latte americana frap espresso-chino

While I'm being bashed on my blog for misrepresenting the banning of the use of camera phones to copy publications in book stores as banning moblogging, my sister gets quoted in the CNN article about camera phones. ;-P

Thanks for the link Jefu!

Work Anywhere!

Your life on the road just got a lot easier. With the first and only WiFi detector on the market today, you no longer need to cross your fingers as you wait for your notebook to boot up. Just press a button and the Kensington WiFi Finder lets you know if your location is "hot"...instantly. No software or computer needed. What could be easier

I MUST get one of these.

via Bopuc on IRC