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Today is the First International Moblog Conference in Japan. It's nice having an interesting conference in Japan for a change. It's also nice cuz it's an excuse for a lot of blogger types to make it over to Tokyo. IRC has made my relationship to many bloggers more personal so it's fun seeing people I've been chatting with the last month or so. So anyway, "welcome to Tokyo mobloggers". I'm moderating a session at 11am with my brother-in-law Scott Fisher from University of Southern California, Yuichi Kawasaki of JNutella, Takashi Tostuka of Sony. I think they're going to have a blog/wiki going up which I'll blog once I know. Until then, please feel free to splatter stuff on my unofficial 1IMC wiki page that I've put on my wiki. I'll try to put stuff up from the conference. Also, I'll try to be on #joiito on as well. For more information on getting on #joiito check out the IRC channel wiki page.

Too bad we don't have a hecklebot yet.

Most people have probably already seen this, but Pete turned me on to a very funny edit of GW's State of the Union address. A must-see if you haven't seen it already. Streaming QT file.

Many conferences have wifi for the audience these days. People blog the conferences or chat during the conferences. There is definitely a back channel and a lot of people who track conferences online. At a recent conference in Helsinki, Kevin Marks, who was in California, wrote a limerick heckling Tom Coates on IRC. The difficulty is feeding some of the good stuff back to the speakers. This is where HeckleBot comes in. HeckleBot is an IRC bot that sits in the IRC channel for a conference. You give it commands like "?heckle Stop pointificating!" on IRC. The bot talks to a linux box connected to an LED display facing the speakers. The LED displays the message to the speakers. This way, the speakers can get immediate feedback from the audience as well people watching a video stream or reading people blogging the event.

I promise to try to get the HeckleBot set up at as many conferences I attend if people will help me build it. There are some links to the various pieces on the wiki page about HeckleBot. Please sign up or contribute on the Wiki.

JesseE suggested that we should have rules on #joiito. He's started a list of ideas on the wiki. I'll give everyone a day or so to add to the list and call a real-time summit on the channel to discuss the rules.

rvr just modified jibot, the resident bot on the #joiito irc channel to allow you to post to #joiito bot blog from IRC. (It's using the Blogger API). #joiito bot blog is running on Bloxus, a blog package developed by rvr.

rvr - alchemist 1st class