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Aaron says "Time for Forward Motion" on weblog protocols. I agree.

The RoadMap is on Sam's site.

Ross just announced an angel round raise for Socialtext which I participated in. Ross and his crew are working on wikis in the workplace and other social software solutions and represent the cutting edge on a variety fronts.

I just joined the advisory board of Mindjack, a cool online digital culture magazine. Donald Melanson is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief and Dan Richards is the Senior Editor. The other advisory board members are Gareth Branwyn, Mark Frauenfelder, Mikki Halpin, Jon Lebkowsky, Howard Rheingold, Douglas Rushkoff.

Technorati just hit 400K blogs and Sifry's created a wiki for his developers.

Philip Greenspun blogs about the idea that stocks are going up in the US because more and more public domain is moving into the hands of large corporations. He gives the example of Disney being the beneficiary of the the copyright extension and the restriction on flying thru the airspace over Disneyland.

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