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sonypfs.jpgI just got my Sony FSV-PGX1 Portable File Server. It's an interesting device. It a little linux box that can run on batteries. It has nfs, samba, telnet, http and ftp. It has a 20G HD. There is a web interface or you can set it up with the little lcd display and arrow buttons on the box. If you get the cradle, there is an ethernet connector. The box has 802.11b built in. It's basically a file server. It can be set up as a DHCP access point, DHCP client or fixed IP address on both the ethernet and/or the wireless ports. It can be some sort of "bridge" although I haven't figured that out yet. Obviously many uses. Too bad it doesn't do rendezvous.

Story on MobileTechNews

It looks like most people other than Dan Gillmor prefer to have the party on the 7th at the beginning Supernova. I'd like to start closing in on the details. If you plan to be in the DC Area and would like to attend the party, please go to the Wiki Page and put your name in the wiki and vote on or suggest a venue if possible. You DO NOT have to be attending Supernova to attend this party.

It looks like I may have lost all of my email from 07:00 thru 13:00 UTC/GMT or so June 20. If you sent something to me, please send it again. Sorry about the inconvenience.

There is an interesting discussion going on over at Sam Ruby's wiki about the Anatomy of a Well Formed Log Entry. He blogged about the idea. This is an important discussion for setting standards.

Professor Shumpei Kumon of Glocom has translated the Emergent Democracy Paper into Japanese and has been published it in their journal and is available online in PDF. I am a big fan of Professor Kumon and am honored that he has translated it himself.

Glocom is also in charge of the Creative Commons localization in Japan.