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The Creative Commons International Commons Japan page is up. Glocom porting the Creative Commons license to Japan.

Thanks for the link Andreas!

Victor R. Ruiz aka rvr on IRC has made a bot for that's hanging out on #joiito. The wiki page is here. It's written in python and uses cvs. I'm going to learn how to use cvs and will try to hack the bot this weekend...

SO505i.jpgJust got my SO505i yesterday.

The good news first. It does flash. Hirata pointed out a 6K flash RSS reader written by Yasuhisa which SHOULD work on my phone. This will be very cool. The 1.3 Megapixel camera works and feels like a real digital camera. The screen faces out so that you can use it like a camera without opening the phone.

The bad news. Emailing the 1280 x 960 images is impossible because of the size and because they phone doesn't let you even try making this silly mistake. It uses a new, yes a NEW memory stick format called Memory Stick Duo. I can't find it in stock anywhere and I need a NEW adapter for my Mac. Ugh.

The address book still sucks for English speakers because there is only one tab for english names in the address book.

Things that I MIGHT be able to get used to but are still weird: The antenna sticks out of your chin, the phone opens by twisting, not flipping, there is a little white LED that you can turn on and no flash. I can see how this might be more power efficient than a flash, but I haven't found it to be useful yet to light up subjects. Also, it's a bit big and heavy. It doesn't have GPS and location info so I'm sure I'll have GPS envy.

Now I have to figure out how to thumbnail in python and add it to my moblog...

UPDATE: I just found out that I can call and receive calls and talk without opening the phone. That's cool.

Karlin Lillington was at my small session at the ISC conference in St. Gallen where I talked about Emergent Democracy. I think she was the only blogger at session and she's written a very nice piece about the session for The Irish Times. Thanks Karlin!