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I just learned a new word.

AIM Friendster Chatroom
Joi: Kevin, do you work at Apple?
Kevin: Yes
Joi: There's something about people who work at Apple...
Jeannie: What's FOAF?
Jeannie: Marks, you got pontificatory about this once before, right?
Joi: That's it. Apple people are pontificatory
I guess bloggers can be accused of being pontificatory too. Maybe I need a new un-pontificatory style sheet...

Happy Birthday Larry! According to my birthday bot, it's your birthday today. ;-)

I spent the morning on IRC instead of reading my RSS feeds and thinking of something to blog. The most interesting thing that happened today was Eric Haller, who was a 2nd AD on Indian Runner dropped into IRC. Eric and I probably worked harder than many of the people on the movie. If I remember correctly, it was Eric's job to make the call sheets and put sheets under people's doors every night or something. I just remember working late and seeing him around a lot with a bunch of papers. I haven't seen him since 1991 or whenever it was that I was in Omaha working on Indian Runner. The movie was directed by Sean Penn. The executive producer, Thom Mount raised the money for the film from NHK the Japanese broadcast company. He hired me to work for him so that I could manage the relationship with the Japanese investors (keep them off his back) in exchange for "teaching me the rope." This basically meant that I got no sleep and had to do everything from ordering helicoptors taking care of the carpets for Thom's apartment. I was "Associate to Mr. Mount" in the credits. I show up in a tiny font at the end of the movie and can be seen for the first time at home now that I have a big display and Indian Runner is out on DVD.

The interesting thing about movies is that people get together for a few months and work intensely. Then it's a wrap and everyone's off doing other things. It's like a compressed year in school together. I've kept in touch with many people that I worked with on Indian Runner. Thom's over at RKO, Mark Bisgeier has an entertainment law practice, Eric's got a blog and an art gallery, Jay Koiwai just sent me email. Hmm... Maybe I should make a movie crew reunion site. ;-p

Another random Indian Runnerism is that John Valenti, Jack Valenti's son, worked with me briefly. John is a cool guy who I kept in touch with for awhile, but have lost touch with recently. I wonder what John thinks of his father's position on DMCA...

After the experience of being saved by Paul on irc, I've decided to get back into IRC. I'm going to start hanging out on Freenode in #joiito whenever I'm online so if you do IRC and want to chat, go to freenode and join #joiito.

I'm having trouble with my wiki. My apache error log said "Premature end of script headers: moin.cgi". Testing moin.cgi, I get a python error saying that "SERVER_NAME" is not defined. Hmm... I wonder if someone changed the settings on the machine. I haven't done anything. The files all seem to be there. I've got to run to go give a talk, but I'll be back in a few hours to work on this problem. Until then my Wiki will be offline. My apologies. You can still get the TechnoBot source here.

PS If anyone wants to help me debug this in a few hours (moinmoin/python/apache/freebsd) send me an email. ;-)

UPDATE: paulproteus on #moin helped fix the wiki. It's working now. Thanks Paul!! The first line in the cgi script was wrong. Now the BIG question is... how did it get changed in the middle of the night?