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They have this Spotme device at this conference which has a very cool feature. You can see the names of the other participants who are near you and approximately how many meters they are away from you. You can also exchange business cards with people which get emailed to you.

Similar to the Japanese Lovegety but a bit more serious focus. ;-)

My Sony DSC-FX77 is getting flakey. It's creating those artifacts you see in the picture...

Zai at etoy is organizing a secret meeting of Swiss subversives and bloggers Saturday night in a mountain retreat. Email me if you are interested in joining. Space is limited.

elliot_thumb.jpgI met Elliot Noss, the man behind Tucows. I've been a huge fan of Tucows ever since Thomas Riha showed it to me during an Ars Electronica Jury meeting. I've watched it grow and was always interested in who ran it. Doc Searls met (update: Doc knows him from '98 or so) Elliot at ETcon and told me I should meet him. It was a nice suprise to run into Elliot at FiRe. Elliot's in the domain name game and we talked about ICANN and other stuff. We agreed on just about everything and I was happy to find out that Elliot was just as cool as Tucows. Elliot and his wife had just gotten back from Shanghai and he joined our China/Japan session. We had dinner with Sidney Rittenberg and talked about China. I guess the domain name business takes you all over the world and Elliot seems like the right kind of guy to run a global business.

Sidney, is another amazing guy that I enjoyed meeting very much. he has a very interesting bio.

excerpt from FiRe bio
He became a leading translator for the works of Mao Zedong, and was the only American citizen accepted into the Chinese Communist Party, until the Cultural Revolution.
Sixteen of Sidney's 35 years in China were spent as a prisoner in solitary confinement on charges of being an American spy. He was freed in 1977 and declared a true friend of China. His family became a myth and a legend, giving them easy entrée to China's leaders -- a great advantage for their consulting work.
Sidney was a co-host with me on the China/Japan Panel. He was extremely energetic, informed and sharp and knew more about China than anyone I have ever met in my life.

The title is not completely accurate. It was a buffet dinner and I had part of my dinner with Elliot and Sidney.

Dinner with Max Levchin and James Hong
James and Max lookin' hot in their convertible
When I showed up at FiRe, I noticed a guy wearing a PayPal T-Shirt and a guy wearing HotorNot T-Shirt. They looked a bit out-of-place in the crowd. I noticed it was Max and James. Max was a co-founder of PayPal and the CTO. James is the founder of HotorNot. I met them at my party in Palo Alto a few months ago. Max left PayPal and is thinking of the next big thing. James still runs HotorNot. During the conference, (ironically during the Future of WiFi panel) the WiFi network flaked out and Max figured out a cool hack to get me back on the network. Somehow another network with the same name as the hotel network got created and the stupid Macintosh API only chose networks by name and would latch me on to the wrong network. Max figured out how to switch the order of the two networks and get me on the right one... Anyway, that was cool. James was zapping through all of the HotorNot postings from San Diego and that was a bit distracting. ;-)

Max and James make me feel like an old fart. I guess I better get used to it since that's what I'm quickly becoming. Anyway, I'm happy that they'd hang out with me. They even drove me to the airport, although Max kept getting lost. Max told me he thought I was involved in way too much stuff that was just a waste of time. James and Max also turned me on to Yatta.

I'm getting ready to leave San Diego for St. Gallen, Switzerland where I'll be doing a session on Emergent Democracy at the ISC symposium. Blogging from my sidekick now... I'll try to post more pictures when I'm in Switzerland. I'll also be trying out the tri-band sidekick.