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Hooked up with Jim Moore at FiRe. He shares an office at Harvard with Dave Winer. The last time I saw Jim was at the Fortune conference in Aspen last year and it was nice to see him again and catch up. We talked aboout the debate about googlewashing that his Second Superpower paper triggered.

Jim, Dave Winer, Doc Searls blog about the current discussion which includes recent comments by the New York Times.

We talked about Emergent Democracy and some of the problems with my current paper. He agreed to try to comment/edit it on my Wiki. People have made a lot of great comments on the Wiki and it's getting really interesting, but as far as I know, no one has edited the actual paper directly yet. It will be interesting to see who does it first. It's currently signed, "Mostly by Joichi Ito" but if enough people edit it directly, I will change it to something like "Hosted by Joichi Ito" or something like that.

Speaking of cool conferences. Kevin Werbach's Supernova 2003 July 8 & 9 should be cool. I'm looking forward to going. Maybe we should do a blogging bof.

Confirmed speakers:

- Reed Hundt, former FCC Chairman
- Jonathan Schwartz, EVP of Software, Sun
- Joichi Ito, CEO, Neoteny Co. Ltd. (Japan)
- Kevin Lynch, Chief Software Architect, Macromedia
- Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, US Navy (retired)
- J.C. Herz, Joystick Nation
- Merrill Brown, SVP, RealNetworks
- Craig Donato, CEO, Grand Central Communications
- Tom Hawk, GM of Grid Computing, IBM
- David Isenberg,
- Marko Ahtisaari, Insight & Foresight Unit, Nokia
- Bruce Mehlman, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Tech Policy
- Mena Trott, CEO, Six Apart
- Sriram Viswanathan, Managing Director, Intel Capital
- Maria Martinez, CEO, Embrace Networks
- Mike Hirshland, General Partner, Polaris Venture Partners
- Nikolaj Nyholm, Founder & CTO, Ascio Technologies (Denmark)
- Gigi Sohn, Executive Director, Public Knowledge
- Clay Shirky, Author and Consultant

I had a long talk yesterday with Reid Hoffman about LinkedIn giving him my feedback and thoughts about features and changes. Reid's very open to ideas and is working on improving LinkedIn. I suggested we take the discussion to a wiki so that we can keep track of things like feature requests and links to posts about LinkedIn. I've set up a wiki page on my wiki. Please take a look and add your feedback, links, or feature requests.

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