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My first Audblog post. It finally works with MT! So now I have to figure out the style. Do I post in my main blog? I can't set the categories, add titles or text from the phone so it initially appears in my blog as just an clickable audblog logo with no text, title or category. Hmmm...

You know what would be neat? If I could voice annotate the photos in my moblog. So... How to link the photos with the audblog entries... I guess I could write a Python script to search for moblog entries and audblog entries within 10 minutes of each other and cross-link them. ;-)

Six Apart (Ben and Mena's company, the creator of Movable Type) just announced their hosted service, TypePad. They also announced that Anil has joined the team. Also somewhere in the announcement is a bit about my company, Neoteny investing in Six Apart. I'm very excited both as a Movable Type user/fan and as an investor.

This is probably one of the most exciting investments we've made and I particularly like the fact that I started as a user, sponsor, friend and finally an investor. I really like Ben and Mena and wish we could find more deals that were as cool as this.

Congratulations and lots of thanks to the whole team who worked to make this deal happen!


bluetoothlogo.jpgI just got my DSC-FX77, the new Sony camera that does bluetooth. I was bracing myself for wirless iLife... then. Suckage. The FX77 uses Bluetooth BIP (Basic Imaging Profile) to talk to the computer. Mac OS X has bluetooth, but of course... it doesn't know what the hell BIP is. A close examination of the Sony web page says it doesn't work with the Mac. I just saw the bluetooth logo on my Mac and on the Sony web page and didn't read the fineprint. Stupid stupid stupid...

So, does anyone know if Apple is thinking of implementing BIP or if there is some software that will let my USELESS Mac bluetooth talk to my useless-to-me new camera?

You have all probably heard about the Open Source Applications Foundation release of Chandler 0.1. I just downloaded it. I saw it on Mitch's blog a few days ago, but I was SOO immersed in writing a birthday database in Python that I didn't take a close look at Chandler until this morning. To my pleasant surprise, Chandler is written in python for the Mac and even handles birthdays. ;-) It doesn't run without spitting out lots of Python errors along the way, but I can actually understand them now! Hoho. Haha. Python is VERY cool and I'm glad OSAF is using Python. We used it a lot at Infoseek and our team at Infoseek/Digital Garage actually wrote some of the first Japanese language handling for Python.

I'm currently using Mark Pilgrim's Dive Into Python to learn Python. It's a great tutorial. Thanks for recommending it Sen.. Of course I've bought the numerous O'Reilly books as well.

Today was the opening party for the new Mori Buildings Roppongi Hills development in Roppongi. "The project, covering approximately 11 hectares, with a total floor area of 724,000sq meters, is the largest currently planned redevelopment project in Japan." I was on one the Cyber 66 committee at one time which was a planning committee to try to figure out what to do about the radio spectrum "shadow" the building would cast and what to do about the IT infrastructure.

As far as I know, there were three parties. One party for insiders last week, the party I went to at 7pm which was for 1500 of Mr. Mori's closest friends and one today 1 hr later for other special friends. It was quite impressive, but I was already expecting to be impressed so Mizuka and I cruised through the tour, slammed down the champagne, ate tonkatsu at one of the new restaurants and split.

There was a flower motif and these strange alien-like characters on the screen and in person. (the thing in the picture with Mizuka.) I'm not sure what they were, but they were all over the place. It is an amazing building and should change the landscape and traffic around Roppongi area significantly.