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Good article by Xeni (a boing boing blogger) in Wired about the role of SMS in disseminating information about SARS and the attitude among Asians about SARS.

As SARS gallows humor is forwarded from cell phone to cell phone throughout the region, are "cough" ring tones next?

Hirata just set up a web page that lets you register your blog and receive an email address that you can use for moblogging. It's based on the mail2enty Python script I'm using for my moblogging.

I spent the day learning Python and wrote a script to make a category index of my blog on my Wiki

Thanks for the help Sen!

Mizuka and I went to see the last cherry blossoms last week and I shot some Provia 100 with my Hasselblad. I got sick of the poor quality of the Photo CD's considering the cost and bought a Nikon 8000ED film scanner so I could do my own scans instead. Here's my first attempt. I'm still trying to figure out how to get it right and it does take a lot of time, but you have control and obviously much more tender loving care than the people scanning for you onto Photo CD's. I've posted a few pictures on my .mac site. I can't figure out what the white space is that gets inserted when I publish from iPhoto.

Anyway, my iLife just got better thanks to Nikon.

In an EXTREMELY feeble attempt to integrate my Wiki with my blog, I have created a little link at the end of each entry that sends you to a page on my Wiki linked to the blog entry. The problem is, I have not figured out what I should call each of the Wiki pages. I thought about category/entry ID or something, but everything I could think of was kind of clunky. I ended up with just JoiBlog/EntryId(Entry#) which is REALLY ugly. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. These thoughts will then probably force me to learn Python so that I can actually build something useful. The other thing that I will need to do is actually put something useful in the Wiki pages that are created instead of just the current "Would you like to create this page?" thing. BTW, please click on the Wiki links and go ahead and make pages if you feel like it. My guess is that most people won't feel like it. ;-p