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Steven Frank has composed a song about blogging called Ben and Mena. He blogs about it here, and the 3.8MB mp3 file is here. Probably interesting to hardcore bloggers only, but VERY funny. ;-)

Via Chris Pirillo

How to watch Iraqi Satellite TV on the web: The Saddam Show Paul Boutin has all the details in Slate, right here.
UPDATE: Oops. Too bad we just blew it up. AP reports one version of the story, and CBS reports another, as follows

Just like geeks have a geek code, bloggers now have a blogger code. Mine is: B9 d+ t+ k++ s u f++ i++ o+ x-- e+ l c--

Here is is a site to generate your code and here is a site to decode it.

The only question that was a bit difficult to answer was, "Does longevity equal respect in the blogging world? How long have you been regularly maintaining a personal web log or online journal?"

I have been posting journal-like entries on my web page since 1994, but I moved my site to and started using Movable Type last June... I answered the question "Over 3 Years." but that might be wrong since I wouldn't tell people I've been blogging for more than three years. I guess this is the whole "what is a blog?" question. What do you think?

UPDATE: here's another decoder

Technorati, my favorite blog oriented engine just announced two new services. Breaking News and Hot Links. Breaking News shows articles from about 4000 "professional" news services that have been published in the last 12 hours that bloggers are talking about. (Take THAT Google News. ;-) ) Hot links shows links that bloggers are talking about in all categories in the past 12 hours in chronological order so you can see what is hot NOW. Very cool.

Taiichi Fox brought a Segway over to the office today and let us take it for a spin. It was great. It is one of the two Segways that I know about in Japan. He brought it from the US. I'm still trying to figure out whether to leave mine in the US or have it delivered to Japan. Japan is definitely more suited for Segways but we're not allowed to ride them yet. I'm applying for a regulatory waiver, but the first one was rejected. I'm applying for it again in June. I think I should probably leave mine in Silicon Valley to cruise around when I'm there and bring mine to Japan once we are allowed to cruise freely.

Anyway, it was lots of fun and perfect for people who have to walk 30 minutes to the train station every day.