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How do you like my new faceroll? It's on in my left sidebar. Jason explains how to do it here. You have to be a paying member of to use it. I have mine set up to pick 5 people randomly. If you see your picture and you don't want to be in the faceroll or have another picture you'd rather I used, let me know.

Just had lunch with Adriaan, the developer of Kung-Log, my favorite OS X client for Movable Type. It uses the MetaWeblog API to talk to MT. I am proud to say that it was on this blog that Dave Winer and Ben Trott discussed and enabled metaWeblog.newMediaObject which allows me to upload photos, which was my big gripe with the MetaWeblog API. Now MT and Kung-Log support the new API. This photo of Adriaan is brought to you by Kung-Log. With this, I will probably switch to Kung-Log as my primary method of writing to MT.

Adriaan is Dutch and he is a researcher at Tsukuba. He is one of the many people writing great tools "on the side." I wonder if it is the open standards, the excitement of blogging, the ability to discuss standards more easily and better development environments that are causing this increase of useful tools. Or maybe it just looks that way to me since I'm so into blogging right now.

One request. Adriaan, can you do thumbnailing, upload the two images and create the html like MT does? I think you need to do it in the client since it isn't in the API...

Good entry level article (not just because he quotes me ;-) ). Talks about blogging, klogging, RSS, moblogging as well as blogging in Japan. It's available in pdf in the American Chamber of Commerce Japan Journal on

So I went on a walk as Dave Winer suggested. Then, I called Yuichi, my fat club partner and we decided to play squash and have a weigh-in. We played squash for an hour. I hadn't exercised for a month when I went to the gym yesterday and I was pretty much a mess today. I totally suck at squash anyway, but I was obliterated today. The only thing I have ever been good at is wrestling. I was wearing my Polar heart monitor and noticed that my heart rate went up to 194bpm at one point. Probably a bit too high...

Anyway, I was confident that I had lost some weight since the last weigh-in so I drank a lot of water. Yuichi on the other hand didn't drink any. I wanted to trick him into thinking I was still way out of range so he would slack off. Then, with my new no-alcohol, walking-every-day regime, I could increase my rate of weight loss and beat him easily. ;-)

The weigh-in reminded me of wrestling where we had to weigh in before each match. The biggest difference is that I weigh 17kg more than I did when I was at my peak in wrestling... Anyway, he was still 4kg away from his target and I was 3kg away. We may be at this for awhile...

Gave a talk on March 19 at the MIT Enterprise Forum in Tokyo hosted at the Nikkei BP office. I tried to tie a bunch of things together. I started out by saying that at a macro level, I was very depressed, but that at a micro level, I was extremely excited. I talked first about the lack of entrepreneurs in Japan, the problem with the economy and democracy in Japan. Then I talked about the nature of risk and why risk/return is broken in Japan. Then I talked about weblogs and about how excited I was about the political, media, social, communications and tool building aspects of weblogs. I closed by talking about open standards and the impact that open standards could have on consumer electronics. I promised to upload the slides so here they are in a 16.2mb pdf file and a1.2mb QT file. I don't have any notes on the slides, so by themselves, they're pretty useless, but...I promised. I used keynote, which was a true pleasure. I also fixed up some of the slides so the images are newer than the presentation date.

Generally good response. Blogging seemed to be new to people so the blow-by-blow of how a blog works seemed to be useful. The democracy issue was very interesting to some, irrelevant to others. ;-)