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Yesterday, the NYT reported the outbreak of a killer pneumonia in Asia. I was freaking out getting ready to blog about it when the WHO just announced that it has gone global.

First the New York Times says it's an Asian thing.

New York Times
Outbreak Prompts Travel Warning in Asia

Hundreds of people in Vietnam, Hong Kong and China have been stricken by a mysterious respiratory illness that has killed at least six people and left all the others with severe breathing difficulties from which they have yet to fully recover, worried officials of the World Health Organization said today.

The scary quote from the NYT article was:
New York Times
"This pathogen is turning out to be a tough thing to pin down," he said. "Nothing is turning up, not a thing."
Then the next day, it has gone global...
Date: 15 Mar 2003
World Health Organization issues emergency travel advisory
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Spreads Worldwide
15 March 2003 | GENEVA -- During the past week, WHO has received reports of more than 150 new suspected cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), an atypical pneumonia for which cause has not yet been determined. Reports to date have been received from Canada, China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam. Early today, an ill passenger and companions who travelled from New York, United States, and who landed in Frankfurt, Germany were removed from their flight and taken to hospital isolation.

Due to the spread of SARS to several countries in a short period of time, the World Health Organization today has issued emergency guidance for travellers and airlines.

So, what does "emergency guidance" mean? For 155 people on the Singpore Airlines flight it means being quarantined...
Some 155 other passengers who had been due to change planes or stay in Frankfurt were placed in quarantine there, while the remaining 85 passengers and 20 crew on the Singapore Airlines flight continued their journey, German officials said.
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So, after a discussion about fair use and copyright, I decided to upload a short rant that I did on the panel in Davos about the Blueprint for Japan 2020 this year. It is a QT .mov file and is 4MB. It was taped from an NHK broadcast of a Davos special. The audio is stereo with Japanese on the left channel and English on the right.

I have a fair use question that maybe someone can answer for me. NHK taped and broadcasted the Blueprint for Japan 2020 panel in Davos. I am one of the speakers. I taped the broadcast and would like to put it on my web page. There are maybe three types of content mixed together. My talking, other people talking, translation into Japanese and some visuals. I guess, strictly speaking, they own the copyright, but what would constitute fair use? In text, I can see quoting it, but how do you quote video?

Also, NHK is a public broadcast company which we have to pay for like a tax. I wonder whether I can try to push them to make stuff like this public domain...

Another totally separate note, they didn't pay me for the panel. I had to pay to go to Davos. I didn't sign any waiver or anything either. What rights do THEY have to broadcast it? Maybe I signed something without noticing it... hmm...

First the Pentagon says we can't use Wi-Fi because it screws up their radar. Then they say that their GPS is so good that they can target things EXACTLY. Now they're saying that they can't tell the difference between a television uplink and a military target? Or are they saying that independent journalists ARE military targets?

US threatens to eliminate independent war journalists
Cheney has Kate Adie in the crosshairs
By Paul Hales: Tuesday 11 March 2003, 10:20
IN A CYNICAL bid to ensure that the people of the world see only what they need to see, the US has threatened to target independent journalists working in Iraq when the invasion kicks off.
She said she was told by "a senior officer in the Pentagon" that "if uplinks -- that is the television signals out of... Baghdad, for example -- were detected by any planes ...electronic media... mediums of the military above Baghdad... they'd be fired down on. Even if they were journalists .."

From Ken via Dave Farber's IP List

IDG News Service
Does File Trading Fund Terrorism?

Industry execs claim peer-to-peer networks pose more than just legal problems.

Grant Gross, IDG News Service Thursday, March 13, 2003

WASHINGTON -- A congressional hearing on the links between terrorism, organized crime, and the illegal trading of copyrighted material produced more complaints about college students using peer-to-peer networks and other governments sanctioning copyright violations than it did evidence of nefarious connections.
Criminal Charges
Representative John Carter, (R-Texas), suggested that college students would stop downloading if some were prosecuted and received sentences of 33 months or longer, like the defendants in the DOJ's Operation Buccaneer. "I think it'd be a good idea to go out and actually bust a couple of these college kids," Carter said. "If you want to see college kids duck and run, you let them read the papers and somebody's got a 33-month sentence in the federal penitentiary for downloading copyrighted materials."

So totally ridiculous it verges on insane. So, is this the first step in the trying to get Larry Lessig arrested as a terrorist?

Found on Dave Farber's IP list. Couldn't find a link to the actual article, so linked to the article in the IP archives. If someone sends me the link to the IDG page, I will put it up... Thanks Milad!
Update: "file sharing" in title changed to "file trading". Thanks Emile. Fixed the tag.