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Aron Atkins has updated mail2entry, the PERLPython script that Sen wrote for posting email with attached pictures to MT.

This version includes:

  • parsemsg.parse supports multiple image attachments; the content of each image is returned in a list.
  • Added, which takes that list of image bodies and either saves them to disk or posts them via newMediaObject.
  • Move parsing of sys.argv out of main() -- this avoids the import * warnings.
  • Template changes in which allow for multiple images. supports both
  • JPEG and GIF image types.

His site is at here and the code is here.

Also, I have been talking to Karl Dubost about taking over the management of the code and he is also working on a new version. If you guys could coordinate, that would be great. ;-)

Thanks to both of you for continuing the effort!

I just finished version 1.3 of the emergent democracy paper. I think this will be my final revision for now and I will focus on new work. This revision includes edits from Chris Case (Thanks Chris!), softening of my stance on a variety of issues vis a vis direct/representative democracy, the point that these tools can enable bad things as well as good things, addition of quotes from Dee Hock's email, re-write of the conclusion to make it clear that we are focusing on the tools for now to try to create some examples, and admitting that we needed to address the necessity to cause action and that this paper was focused primarily democratic dialog/debate. Left the ant stuff in although that seems to be an issue. I tried to add a bit after the weblog part so that it sounded more like weblogs being similar to ants rather than human beings being similar to ants.

Larry has lifted his self-imposed gag order. He had filed a petition to have the case reheard, but it has been turned down so he will now need the support of the public to take this debate to the next level. Lets give him our support!

Irony alert:

Lawrence Lessig
when yesterday the Court refused a request to rehear the case (totally expected), I learned the news while drinking coffee from a Mickey mug.

Very early on, Howard warned me not to blog about the news that people will see in other places. I think this is very good advice generally. I've gotten some feedback about some of the stuff I've posted which seems to be heavily blogged already (showing up on Daypop and Blogdex). It appears many people haven't seen it yet and appreciate pointers to important stuff, even if it is a bit late. So, I'm going to write short "roundups" of links to things that bloggers seem to think are important. Heavy bloggers can ignore these.

Comments on the format and this idea would be appreciated.

Mitch Kapor quits Groove because Total Information Awareness is using Groove. John Markoff reports at the NYT

Bush Sr warning over unilateral action. Times Online reports.

US diplomat resigns over Iraq war plans CNN reports

Identity theft leading to victims being arrested. MSNBC reports. Via via Boing Boing

Salam Pax blogs from Baghdad. He seems legit and he is a regular guy with a sense of humor. Definitely worth checking out. His blog is called "Where is Raed?".

Thanks for the link John!