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Well, you know you're onto something BIG when China bans what you're doing...

Blogistan, 2000[GMT] 10 January, 2003:

"Bloggers" from all over China are reporting that they are unable to access their on-line journals or "blogs".

Journals hosted at and other blog providers have joined a growing list of sites blocked by Chinese authorities.

OK I had to bring my Windows machine out of storage to play Sims Online. Blah. But the game is great. I'm still a newbie, but if anyone else is playing, look me up. I'm "Joi Ito" in the Test Center. I still have my other two sims so if you tell me where you are hanging out, I can put a sim there.

Idei-san pondering the future of Japan...
We had a meeting of the members participating the World Economic Forum panel at Davos on the Blueprint for Japan 2020. It's such a huge issue... I showed everyone the picture that we drew (on my Mac... oops! ;-) ). Idei-san has been using the term "quantum leap" instead of "reform" and shared some of his views of Japan's problems with us. We still have some more homework to do before the panel, but I think we all agreed on the major points. I was appointed to be join Heizo Takenaka, the Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy and for Financial Services on his panel which will follow our panel. There are three panels on Japan and I'm the messenger from our panel to his. I wonder who's on the other panel. Anyway, we're the first one so I think we can set the tone.

Hey Dave, when do we get to start using newMediaObject?

As a case in point: If hardware devices support the metaWeblog API, they'll need some method of directly uploading image/media files to a weblogging tool. Enter the (proposed) metaWeblog.newMediaObject method. As Joi writes:

It would be easier if someone added more image handling in the API.

Once Dave lifts the caveat, we'll support metaWeblog.newMediaObject in the next Movable Type release.

Congratulations Dave! This is great.

It's true, it's true. I've been offered a fellowship at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, and have, of course, accepted. It's a very exciting opportunity. Check out this section of yesterday's DaveNet for an idea of what we're going to work on. And of course over the coming weeks and months I'll write more. I'm going to spend a lot of time in Cambridge this year. Totally looking forward. Onward!