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found this on Smartmobs

iSee is an inverse surveillance application for wireless devices and web-browsers that enables users to monitor and avoid CCTV surveillance cameras. iSee users are presented with an interactive map showing the locations of known CCTV cameras in public space. Users click on the map to specify a point of origin and destination, and iSee employs artificial intelligence algorithms to determine a path of least surveillance between the two points that avoids as many cameras as possible.
So Cool! I want iSee built into my phone. I guess we could just write an i-Apli Java script to do it on our Docomo phones... hmm...

Moblogs going commercial. Marc and Dave talk about how moblogging should support the MetaWeblog API. I agree. Having said that, I think many carriers will go try to build the whole shooting match on their own. They don't understand the value of the community or the tools. At least in Japan, carriers are very cocky and relatively well funded so I bet they will go it on their own, generally. (Not that I won't try to get them to use open standards.) I think another more interesting target are people who don't have a network of their own. People like digital camera companies, hiptop device companies (Danger and Good), and cell phone companies like Nokia and Sony Ericsson. Anyway, doing a simple moblog is easy. (Posting pictures from a phone.) Making it REALLY interesting is going to be very exciting involving hardware, firmware, embedded software, DSP's, wireless technology, camera technology, identity, voice, privacy, security, GPS, IM and LOTS of other stuff.

Start-up marries blogs and camera phones
Posted: 08/01/2003 at 11:03 GMT

A Dublin-based start-up is to offer software to mobile operators that will enable mobile phone users to create and maintain Weblogs or "blogs" using only their phones.

The article about The NewBay FoneBlog originally appeared in

I told Hirata that Howard and I had been talking about giving comments more attention on blogs. I thought that having an RSS feed for comments would be very useful. A few minutes later, he made one for me. Thanks Hirata! So I have an RSS feed for comments to my English blog and my Japanese blog.

Had lunch with Ejovi Nuwere today. He's a friend of Ken who used to work for me and they did some security work together. Ejovi has a new book, Hacker Cracker which was picked up in Wired News recently. It's an amazing story about Ejovi who grew up Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy and how a tech oriented kid used computers to build his life. He's lived in Japan and is now here writing some articles getting more and more into policy and privacy related issues. We had a lot of interests in common and it's great to meet a like-minded person from a very different background. He's got a blog and a site for his book.

They say this is from The New Republic, but I can't access the article so I will credit Plastic...

"The problem is one of correlation vs causation. Research has been done correlating being statistically obese with a shorter expected life span. In more detailed studies found a stronger correlation with lack of activity and a short life span than being fat. So if you exercise and stay fit but can't lose pounds don't fret. You're likely more healthy than your thin couch potato friends."
So for someone exercises regularly, but is fat, this is good news. I'll live long, but I'll probably still be fat. Now all we need is, "Survey shows fat people are considered more attractive in light of recent survey that they live longer..." ;-p