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This is a picture of Suguru Yamaguchi smiling when I told him I'd blog him.
Today was the 4th NPA Security Council meeting. This is a committee focused on studying computer network related risks and countermeasures. We talked about last year's report and what we will do moving forward. This is one of the more interesting groups I am in since most of the people involved are fairly down-to-earth. There are people from Microsoft, Rakuten, Yahoo, JPCERT, Police, Foreign Ministry, the Cabinet Office, etc. I particularly enjoy these meetings because Yamaguchi-san who runs JPCERT is a very outspoken and intelligent guy who doesn't pull any punches.

I said that the US is taking a very different stance towards security since 9/11 and that many of the new security measures that the US are taking may in the long run end up hurting national security since a great deal of privacy is being breached, agents are being allowed to work with shady characters for short term gains which may end up being long term losses and the whole TIA thing may not work. I suggested that we do an extensive analysis of the US anti-terror measures and identify whether each of the measures are 1) things we should copy, 2) things we should ignore, and 3) things that are bad for the Japanese people. I urged everyone not to allow Japan to get suckered into doing something stupid in response to US pressure. In particular, I pressured the person from the Foreign Ministry to be aware of these risks.

There is a chart that the NPA (Japanese pdf) produced showing which countries many of the portscans and pings were coming from. Yamaguchi-san pointed out that this didn't necessarily reflect the source and I concurred.

I talked a bit about the financial services sector problems with organized crime and hacking and that we should focus on and analysis of organized crime rather than do general surveys of smaller crimes and hacker rings.

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Dave Winer
Press release: Yahoo to acquire Inktomi. Clearly they're getting ready to kick Google off their portal.
Yahoo! to Acquire Inktomi
Monday December 23, 9:19 am ET
Creates the Most Comprehensive Search Offering on the Web with Largest Global Audience, Unmatched Breadth and Depth of Online Services and World Class Technology
I had heard rumors that Yahoo was trying to steal stuff from Google and was being generally un-supportive even though they were an investor. (Unconfirmed theory. Will edit this if someone tells me this is wrong...) But I think that Google News probably shocked everyone who though that search mean... search. To a blogger, everything looks like a blog. To a search company, everything is search. ;-) Well, it will be interesting to see what happens when Google vs. Yahoo becomes no-holds-barred.

saw this first on Dave Winer's weblog

The whistleblowers at WorldCom, Enron and the FBI, Cynthia Cooper, Sherron Watkins and Colleen Rowley won the honor from Time Magazine this year. This is great. They deserve it. They must be protected and honored.

You can't have whistleblowers without privacy and the whistleblower protection bill that I am working on is also an important component. I've missed the last few meetings and I feel guilty. I see the bill headed towards bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo that won't help anyone. Mental note to myself to make comments on the current draft which I don't agree with. I wonder if the day will come when Japan honors whistleblowers like this. Time says, " They took huge professional and personal risks to blow the whistle on what went wrong at WorldCom, Enron and the FBI—and in so doing helped remind us what American courage and American values are all about." I hope that some day I can say this about Japanese values. Today, I don't think I can.

The Guardian ran a piece on moblogs and I got a link. Cool.

Thanks for sending me this link Howard

We recently moblogged a wedding for Kana & Toshi. It's in Japanese, but you can get the idea. It was fun because a lot of people posted.

Planning to have a massive New Years Eve moblog. I will post the email address and instructions one we have the site ready...

My brother-in-law Scott Fisher is really into location based stuff and does a lot of stuff with augmented reality and virtual environments. He's at USC now, but is visiting for Christmas with my sister Mimi. Anyway, we were talking about blogs and location and he sent me the link for Blogmapper which lets you associate blog entries with locations on a map. Scott interested in doing something in the area and so am I. Does anyone know of any other work going on in the area of tagging blog entries with location data? Obviously, location based moblogging is something we MUST do.